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59440 AHMADABAD PASS Running status

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Ahmedabad Jn-ADI
EExpected23:10 26 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Ahmedabad Jn23:10Right TimeYet to start
2Maninagar23:1823:20Right Time3 km
3Vatva23:2623:28Right Time7 km
4Barejadi Nandej23:4423:45Right Time16 km
5Kanij23:5123:52Right Time20 km
6Nenpur00:0100:02Right Time24 km
7Mahemadavad Kheda Road00:0800:09Right Time28 km
8Gothaj00:2300:24Right Time36 km
9Nadiad Jn00:3100:33Right Time45 km
10Kanjari Boriyavi00:4600:47Right Time56 km
11Anand Jn00:5600:57Right Time63 km
12Vadod01:2601:27Right Time70 km
13Adas Road01:3401:35Right Time74 km
14Vasad Jn01:3901:41Right Time79 km
15Ranoli01:5201:53Right Time86 km
16Bajva02:0302:04Right Time92 km
17Vadodara Jn02:3402:39Right Time99 km
18Itola02:5602:57Right Time117 km
19Miyagam Karjan Jn03:1803:19Right Time129 km
20Palej03:3303:34Right Time144 km
21Nabipur03:5303:54Right Time157 km
22Bharuch Jn04:1004:11Right Time169 km
23Ankleshwar Jn04:3804:39Right Time179 km
24Panoli04:4804:50Right Time189 km
25Hathuran04:5504:57Right Time193 km
26Kosamba Jn05:0305:04Right Time197 km
27Kim05:1305:15Right Time205 km
28Kudsad05:2305:25Right Time208 km
29Sayan05:3105:33Right Time215 km
30Gothangam05:5505:56Right Time218 km
31Kosad06:0606:07Right Time221 km
32Utran06:2306:24Right Time225 km
33Surat06:4506:55Right Time228 km
34Udhna Jn07:2307:24Right Time232 km
35Bhestan07:3007:31Right Time238 km
36Sachin07:3707:38Right Time243 km
37Maroli07:4607:47Right Time249 km
38Navsari08:0408:06Right Time258 km
39Vedchha08:1508:17Right Time266 km
40Ancheli08:2308:24Right Time270 km
41Amalsad08:2808:30Right Time273 km
42Bilimora Jn08:3608:38Right Time278 km
43Joravasan08:4408:45Right Time283 km
44Dungri08:5008:51Right Time288 km
45Valsad09:1009:15Right Time297 km
46Atul09:2709:28Right Time303 km
47Pardi09:3309:34Right Time307 km
48Udvada09:4109:43Right Time313 km
49Bagwada H09:4909:51Right Time316 km
50Vapi10:0610:08Right Time321 km
51Karambeli10:1610:18Right Time329 km
52Bhilad10:2410:26Right Time334 km
53Sanjan10:3610:38Right Time345 km
54Umargam Road10:4410:46Right Time351 km
55Gholwad11:0311:05Right Time360 km
56Dahanu Road11:2211:25Right Time371 km
57Vangaon11:3811:40Right Time383 km
58Boisar11:4911:51Right Time392 km
59Palghar12:0912:11Right Time404 km
60Kelve Road12:2012:22Right Time412 km
61Saphale12:2812:30Right Time418 km
62Vaitarna12:3812:40Right Time426 km
63Virar13:1213:20Right Time435 km
64Vasai Road13:3613:38Right Time443 km
65Borivali13:5714:05Right Time461 km
66Mumbai Central15:00Right Time490 km