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59442 AHMEDABAD PASS Running status

Departure12:40 Right Time
Platform 2
Yet to start
Updated18 Jul 2018 2:15
1Ahmedabad Jn12:40Right TimeYet to start
2Maninagar12:4912:51Right Time3 km
3Vatva12:5712:59Right Time8 km
4Geratpur13:1613:17Right Time13 km
5Barejadi Nandej13:2213:23Right Time17 km
6Kanij13:2913:30Right Time21 km
7Nenpur13:3713:38Right Time24 km
8Mahemadavad Kheda Road13:4313:44Right Time28 km
9Gothaj13:5213:53Right Time36 km
10Nadiad Jn14:0314:08Right Time46 km
11Utarsanda14:1414:15Right Time51 km
12Kanjari Boriyavi14:2214:23Right Time56 km
13Anand Jn14:3514:36Right Time64 km
14Vadod14:4814:49Right Time71 km
15Adas Road14:5514:56Right Time75 km
16Vasad Jn15:0215:03Right Time79 km
17Nandesari15:0915:10Right Time85 km
18Ranoli15:1815:19Right Time87 km
19Bajva15:3215:33Right Time92 km
20Vadodara Jn16:0516:50Right Time100 km
21Vishvamitri Jn16:5616:57Right Time103 km
22Makarpura17:0917:10Right Time108 km
23Varnama17:1917:20Right Time114 km
24Itola17:2917:30Right Time118 km
25Kashipura Sarar17:3717:38Right Time122 km
26Miyagam Karjan Jn17:4717:48Right Time129 km
27Lakodra17:5617:57Right Time137 km
28Palej18:0618:07Right Time145 km
29Varediya18:1518:16Right Time151 km
30Nabipur18:2518:26Right Time158 km
31Chavaj18:3418:35Right Time164 km
32Bharuch Jn18:4818:49Right Time170 km
33Ankleshwar Jn19:0219:03Right Time179 km
34Panoli19:1319:14Right Time189 km
35Hathuran19:2419:25Right Time193 km
36Kosamba Jn19:4019:41Right Time197 km
37Kim19:5019:51Right Time205 km
38Kudsad19:5819:59Right Time208 km
39Sayan20:0720:08Right Time215 km
40Gothangam20:2020:21Right Time218 km
41Kosad20:2920:30Right Time222 km
42Utran20:4820:49Right Time225 km
43Surat21:0021:05Right Time229 km
44Udhna Jn21:4121:42Right Time233 km
45Bhestan21:5021:51Right Time238 km
46Sachin21:5822:00Right Time243 km
47Maroli22:0822:09Right Time250 km
48Navsari22:1622:18Right Time258 km
49Gandhi Smriti22:2322:24Right Time261 km
50Vedchha22:2922:31Right Time266 km
51Ancheli22:3622:37Right Time270 km
52Amalsad22:4222:44Right Time274 km
53Bilimora Jn22:5022:52Right Time279 km
54Dungri23:0023:02Right Time288 km
55Valsad23:0523:20Right Time297 km
56Pardi23:4023:42Right Time308 km
57Udvada23:4823:50Right Time313 km
58Vapi00:0000:02Right Time321 km
59Karambeli00:1000:11Right Time330 km
60Bhilad00:1700:19Right Time334 km
61Sanjan00:2900:31Right Time346 km
62Umargam Road00:3700:39Right Time351 km
63Gholwad00:4700:50Right Time361 km
64Dahanu Road01:0401:08Right Time372 km
65Vangaon01:2101:23Right Time384 km
66Boisar01:3101:34Right Time393 km
67Palghar01:4701:50Right Time404 km
68Kelve Road02:0102:03Right Time413 km
69Saphale02:1102:14Right Time419 km
70Virar02:3802:43Right Time435 km
71Vasai Road03:0103:03Right Time444 km
72Borivali03:2003:25Right Time461 km
73Dadar Wr04:0004:05Right Time485 km
74Mumbai Central04:35Right Time491 km