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59503 VG OKHA PASS Running status

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Viramgam Jn-VG
EExpected12:40 21 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Viramgam Jn12:40Right TimeYet to start
2Vani Road13:0013:01Right Time9 km
3Sabli Road13:1013:11Right Time17 km
4Lilapur Road13:2813:29Right Time31 km
5Lakhtar13:4613:47Right Time43 km
6Bala Road14:0414:05Right Time55 km
7Surendranagar14:2314:33Right Time64 km
8Chamaraj14:4314:44Right Time71 km
9Digsar14:5915:00Right Time78 km
10Muli Road15:1515:16Right Time86 km
11Ramparda15:2515:26Right Time95 km
12Vagdiya15:3915:40Right Time102 km
13Than Jn15:5015:52Right Time112 km
14Lakhamanchi16:0116:02Right Time118 km
15Daladi16:1016:11Right Time126 km
16Lunsariya16:2216:23Right Time134 km
17Wankaner Jn16:5017:05Right Time138 km
18Wankaner City17:1017:11Right Time140 km
19Amarsar17:2017:21Right Time146 km
20Sindhawadar17:2917:30Right Time151 km
21Kanakot17:3917:40Right Time158 km
22Khorana17:4917:50Right Time166 km
23Bileshwar17:5717:58Right Time171 km
24Rajkot Jn18:1218:28Right Time180 km
25Khanderi18:4218:43Right Time191 km
26Padadhari19:0119:02Right Time205 km
27Chanol19:1619:17Right Time212 km
28Hadmatiya Jn19:2619:27Right Time219 km
29Jaliya Devani19:3419:35Right Time224 km
30Jam Wanthali19:4619:47Right Time235 km
31Aliyawada19:5920:00Right Time246 km
32Hapa20:1220:17Right Time256 km
33Jamnagar20:2920:34Right Time265 km
34Lakhabawal20:4820:49Right Time277 km
35Pipli21:0521:06Right Time286 km
36Kanalus21:1421:15Right Time291 km
37Modpur21:2821:29Right Time302 km
38Sinhan21:4021:41Right Time311 km
39Khambhaliya21:4921:59Right Time319 km
40Bhatel22:1722:18Right Time337 km
41Bhopalka22:3122:32Right Time352 km
42Bhatiya22:4522:46Right Time362 km
43Gorinja23:3023:31Right Time393 km
44Dwarka23:4323:48Right Time403 km
45Varvala23:5623:57Right Time409 km
46Bhimrana00:0500:06Right Time420 km
47Mithapur00:2000:21Right Time422 km
48Okha00:50Right Time432 km