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59603 AII UDZ PASS Running status

Arrival10:09 Right Time
Departure10:10 Right Time
Platform 1
Yet to start
Updated15 Oct 2018 2:15
1Madar Jn07:00Right TimeYet to start
2Ajmer Jn07:1507:25Right Time7 km
3Adarshnagar07:3307:34Right Time12 km
4Hatundi07:4107:42Right Time17 km
5Rajosi07:5507:56Right Time24 km
6Nasirabad08:0308:04Right Time30 km
7Jharwasa08:1608:17Right Time41 km
8Bandanwara08:2608:27Right Time49 km
9Singwal08:3708:38Right Time59 km
10Mokhampura08:4608:47Right Time66 km
11Bijainagar08:5608:57Right Time72 km
12Gulabpura09:0409:05Right Time75 km
13Rupaheli09:1509:16Right Time84 km
14Bhojras09:2109:22Right Time87 km
15Sareri09:3209:33Right Time98 km
16Raila Road09:4909:50Right Time105 km
17Lambiya09:5809:59Right Time111 km
18Dhuwala10:0910:10Right Time121 km
19Mandal10:3610:37Right Time127 km
20Bhilwara11:0011:05Right Time139 km
21Mandpiya11:2011:21Right Time148 km
22Hamirgarh11:3411:36Right Time156 km
23Soniana11:4811:49Right Time163 km
24Gangarar11:5611:58Right Time171 km
25Det12:0912:10Right Time177 km
26Chanderiya12:5012:52Right Time185 km
27Chittaurgarh13:2014:08Right Time193 km
28Ghosunda14:2814:29Right Time205 km
29Netawal14:3514:36Right Time211 km
30Pandoli14:4314:44Right Time218 km
31Kapasan14:5714:58Right Time228 km
32Bhupalsagar Karera15:0815:09Right Time238 km
33Fatehnagar15:1915:20Right Time251 km
34Mavli Jn15:3815:40Right Time264 km
35Bhimal16:0116:02Right Time271 km
36Khemli16:1216:13Right Time282 km
37Debari16:2216:23Right Time292 km
38Ranapratapnagar16:3416:36Right Time303 km
39Udaipur City17:10Right Time307 km