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59604 UDZ AII PASS Running status

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Udaipur City-UDZ
EExpected09:30 20 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Udaipur City09:30Right TimeYet to start
Ranapratapnagar09:3909:40Right Time4 km
Debari09:5109:52Right Time14 km
Khemli10:0310:04Right Time24 km
Bhimal10:1510:16Right Time35 km
Mavli Jn10:2910:31Right Time42 km
Fatehnagar10:4310:44Right Time55 km
Bhupalsagar Karera10:5410:55Right Time68 km
Kapasan11:0511:06Right Time78 km
Pandoli11:1511:16Right Time88 km
Netawal11:2411:25Right Time95 km
Ghosunda11:3311:34Right Time102 km
Chittaurgarh12:2012:45Right Time114 km
Chanderiya12:5612:58Right Time121 km
Det13:0813:09Right Time129 km
Gangarar13:1713:18Right Time136 km
Soniana13:2613:27Right Time143 km
Hamirgarh13:3513:36Right Time150 km
Mandpiya13:4513:46Right Time158 km
Bhilwara14:0014:05Right Time168 km
Mandal14:1514:16Right Time179 km
Dhuwala14:2514:26Right Time185 km
Lambiya14:3614:37Right Time195 km
Raila Road14:4514:46Right Time201 km
Sareri14:5414:55Right Time208 km
Bhojras15:0415:05Right Time219 km
Rupaheli15:1115:12Right Time222 km
Gulabpura15:2115:22Right Time231 km
Bijainagar15:2815:30Right Time234 km
Mokhampura15:3815:39Right Time241 km
Singwal15:4715:48Right Time247 km
Bandanwara15:5715:58Right Time257 km
Jharwasa16:2216:23Right Time265 km
Nasirabad16:3416:37Right Time276 km
Rajosi16:5316:54Right Time282 km
Hatundi17:1317:14Right Time289 km
Adarshnagar17:4417:45Right Time294 km
Ajmer Jn18:0518:35Right Time300 km
Madar Jn18:50Right Time306 km