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59706 JP SOG PASS Running status

Departure05:00 Right Time
Platform 4
Yet to start
Updated24 Sep 2018 2:15
1Jaipur05:00Right TimeYet to start
2Kanakpura05:1005:11Right Time9 km
3Dhanakya05:2105:22Right Time19 km
4Bobas05:3205:33Right Time29 km
5Asalpur Jobner05:4105:42Right Time37 km
6Dhinda05:4905:50Right Time42 km
7Hirnoda05:5605:57Right Time46 km
8Phulera Jn06:1506:20Right Time55 km
9Sambhar Lake06:2806:29Right Time62 km
10Gudha06:3906:40Right Time70 km
11Govindi Marwar06:5106:52Right Time81 km
12Nawa City07:0007:02Right Time90 km
13Naya Kharadia07:1207:13Right Time96 km
14Thathana Mithri07:1907:20Right Time101 km
15Kuchaman City07:2607:27Right Time106 km
16Makrana Jn07:5808:00Right Time120 km
17Borawar08:0908:10Right Time126 km
18Besroli08:2008:21Right Time137 km
19Gachhipura08:3208:33Right Time149 km
20Degana Jn08:4808:50Right Time164 km
21Jalsu Nanak08:5708:58Right Time171 km
22Jalsu09:0409:05Right Time176 km
23Ren09:1709:19Right Time191 km
24Kheduli09:3009:31Right Time198 km
25Merta Road Jn09:4210:06Right Time208 km
26Marwar Chhapari10:1510:16Right Time215 km
27Deswal10:2410:25Right Time222 km
28Khajwana10:3510:36Right Time232 km
29Marwar Mundwa10:5210:53Right Time248 km
30Nagaur11:0911:14Right Time266 km
31Badwasi11:2611:27Right Time280 km
32Alai11:3611:37Right Time288 km
33Shri Balaji11:5311:54Right Time300 km
34Chilo12:0412:05Right Time303 km
35Nokha12:2112:23Right Time317 km
36Surpura12:3912:40Right Time334 km
37Deshnoke12:5212:54Right Time349 km
38Palana13:0513:06Right Time359 km
39Udramsar13:3613:38Right Time370 km
40Bikaner Jn14:2014:30Right Time381 km
41Lalgarh Jn14:4014:42Right Time385 km
42Kanasar14:5614:57Right Time397 km
43Jamsar15:0915:10Right Time411 km
44Jagdevwala15:2215:23Right Time424 km
45Bamanwali15:3115:32Right Time432 km
46Dhirera15:4015:41Right Time438 km
47Dalmera15:5015:51Right Time448 km
48Lunkaransar16:0416:06Right Time461 km
49Nathwana16:2016:22Right Time472 km
50Malkisar16:3116:33Right Time482 km
51Mahajan16:4716:49Right Time500 km
52Arjansar17:0217:04Right Time516 km
53Rajiyasar17:1717:19Right Time532 km
54Biradhwal17:3117:33Right Time545 km
55Suratgarh Jn18:20Right Time563 km