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59729 SIKR RE PASS Running status

Departure20:25 Right Time
Platform 3
Yet to start
Updated12 Dec 2018 10:15
1Sikar Jn20:25Right TimeYet to start
2Nawalgarh20:4920:51Right Time27 km
3Dundlod Mukandgarh21:0521:06Right Time38 km
4Nua21:1921:21Right Time53 km
5Jhunjunu21:3221:36Right Time65 km
6Ratan Sahar21:4921:50Right Time79 km
7Chirawa22:0822:09Right Time94 km
8Surajgarh22:2122:22Right Time105 km
9Loharu Jn23:0523:25Right Time122 km
10Sohansra23:3123:32Right Time129 km
11Satnali23:4223:43Right Time140 km
12Zerpur Pali23:5523:57Right Time156 km
13Mahendragarh00:0400:06Right Time163 km
14Kanina Khas00:1800:20Right Time180 km
15Dahina Zainabad00:3100:32Right Time189 km
16Nangal Mundi00:4200:44Right Time201 km
17Rewari02:00Right Time214 km