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59811 HALDIGHATI PASS Running status

Departure08:35 Right Time
Platform 7
Yet to start
Updated19 Jul 2018 2:15
1Ratlam Jn08:35Right TimeYet to start
2Namli08:5208:54Right Time13 km
3Barayala Chaurasi09:1309:14Right Time24 km
4Jaora09:2309:25Right Time33 km
5Dhodhar09:4309:45Right Time50 km
6Kachnara09:5409:55Right Time57 km
7Dalauda10:0710:09Right Time69 km
8Mandsor10:2310:25Right Time84 km
9Piplia10:4410:46Right Time100 km
10Malhargarh10:5610:58Right Time108 km
11Harkia Khal11:1011:12Right Time120 km
12Nimach11:3311:35Right Time133 km
13Bisalwas Kalan11:5011:52Right Time142 km
14Jawad Road12:1612:18Right Time149 km
15Nimbahera12:3612:38Right Time160 km
16Gambhiri Road12:4812:49Right Time168 km
17Shambhupara13:1613:18Right Time177 km
18Chittaurgarh13:5014:10Right Time189 km
19Chanderiya14:3614:38Right Time196 km
20Bassi Berisal15:0315:04Right Time215 km
21Parsoli15:1815:20Right Time230 km
22Barundani15:3015:31Right Time239 km
23Mandalgarh15:4815:50Right Time254 km
24Shyampura16:1016:12Right Time275 km
25Uparmal16:2016:21Right Time282 km
26Jalindri16:2916:30Right Time289 km
27Srinagar17:0317:05Right Time312 km
28Bundi17:3017:35Right Time322 km
29Thalera18:1818:20Right Time336 km
30Kota Jn20:2020:50Right Time360 km
31Gurla21:0121:02Right Time366 km
32Keshorai Patan21:1021:11Right Time374 km
33Arnetha21:2021:21Right Time385 km
34Kapren21:3021:31Right Time394 km
35Ghatkavarana21:4121:42Right Time404 km
36Laban21:5021:52Right Time413 km
37Lakheri22:0122:03Right Time421 km
38Indragarh Sumerganj Mandi22:1522:17Right Time431 km
39Amli22:2622:28Right Time445 km
40Rawanjna Dungar22:3622:37Right Time452 km
41Kushtala22:4522:46Right Time461 km
42Sawai Madhopur22:5923:00Right Time468 km
43Ranthambhor23:1023:11Right Time478 km
44Mokholi23:2023:21Right Time487 km
45Malarna23:3423:35Right Time498 km
46Nimoda23:4523:46Right Time505 km
47Narayanpur Tatwara23:5723:58Right Time515 km
48Lalpur Umri00:1500:16Right Time525 km
49Gangapur City00:5000:55Right Time532 km
50Chhoti Odai01:1001:11Right Time544 km
51Piloda01:2001:21Right Time552 km
52Khandip01:2801:29Right Time558 km
53Shri Mahabirji01:4101:42Right Time566 km
54Hindaun City02:0002:02Right Time576 km
55Fateh Singhpura02:1402:15Right Time589 km
56Dumariya02:2902:30Right Time600 km
57Bayana Jn03:3803:40Right Time609 km
58Birambad03:4603:47Right Time613 km
59Bandh Baretha03:5303:54Right Time618 km
60Nagla Tula04:0104:02Right Time624 km
61Bansi Paharpur04:0904:10Right Time630 km
62Dhana Kherli H04:1704:18Right Time636 km
63Rupbas04:2504:26Right Time643 km
64Aulenda04:3304:34Right Time648 km
65Fatehpur Sikri04:4104:43Right Time657 km
66Singarpur04:5004:51Right Time663 km
67Kiraoli04:5804:59Right Time669 km
68Mirhakur05:0805:09Right Time677 km
69Pathauli05:1605:17Right Time683 km
70Idgah05:3005:35Right Time691 km
71Agra Fort06:00Right Time693 km