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59812 HALDIGHATI PASS Running status

Arrival18:50 Right Time
Departure18:55 Right Time
Platform 3
Yet to start
Updated21 Sep 2018 2:15
1Yamuna Bridge18:40Right TimeYet to start
2Agra Fort18:5018:55Right Time2 km
3Idgah19:0719:12Right Time4 km
4Pathauli19:2319:24Right Time12 km
5Mirhakur19:3119:32Right Time18 km
6Kiraoli19:4019:41Right Time26 km
7Singarpur19:4919:50Right Time32 km
8Fatehpur Sikri19:5719:58Right Time38 km
9Aulenda20:0720:08Right Time47 km
10Rupbas20:1420:15Right Time52 km
11Dhana Kherli H20:2320:24Right Time60 km
12Bansi Paharpur20:3120:32Right Time65 km
13Nagla Tula20:4020:41Right Time72 km
14Bandh Baretha20:4820:49Right Time77 km
15Birambad20:5520:56Right Time82 km
16Bayana Jn21:4521:48Right Time86 km
17Dumariya21:5822:00Right Time95 km
18Fateh Singhpura22:0822:10Right Time106 km
19Hindaun City22:2022:22Right Time119 km
20Shri Mahabirji22:3022:32Right Time129 km
21Piloda22:4822:50Right Time143 km
22Chhoti Odai23:0923:10Right Time151 km
23Gangapur City23:4023:45Right Time164 km
24Lalpur Umri23:5323:55Right Time170 km
25Narayanpur Tatwara00:0300:05Right Time180 km
26Nimoda00:1300:15Right Time190 km
27Malarna00:2300:25Right Time197 km
28Mokholi00:3400:35Right Time208 km
29Ranthambhor00:4300:45Right Time217 km
30Sawai Madhopur00:5501:05Right Time227 km
31Kushtala01:1401:15Right Time234 km
32Rawanjna Dungar01:2401:25Right Time243 km
33Amli01:3401:35Right Time251 km
34Indragarh Sumerganj Mandi01:4901:50Right Time264 km
35Lakheri02:0402:05Right Time274 km
36Laban02:1402:15Right Time282 km
37Ghatkavarana02:2402:25Right Time291 km
38Kapren02:3802:40Right Time302 km
39Arnetha03:0803:10Right Time311 km
40Keshorai Patan03:4303:45Right Time322 km
41Kota Jn05:4506:05Right Time335 km
42Gurla06:2106:22Right Time329 km
43Gurla00:0000:00Right Time341 km
44Thalera06:4206:44Right Time359 km
45Bundi07:0007:05Right Time373 km
46Srinagar07:1507:16Right Time383 km
47Jalindri07:4907:50Right Time407 km
48Uparmal07:5908:00Right Time413 km
49Shyampura08:0808:10Right Time420 km
50Mandalgarh08:3508:40Right Time441 km
51Barundani08:5408:55Right Time456 km
52Parsoli09:0509:06Right Time466 km
53Bassi Berisal09:4509:50Right Time480 km
54Chanderiya10:3010:32Right Time499 km
55Chittaurgarh10:5011:00Right Time506 km
56Shambhupara11:1111:12Right Time518 km
57Gambhiri Road11:2211:23Right Time527 km
58Nimbahera11:3211:34Right Time535 km
59Jawad Road11:4511:47Right Time546 km
60Bisalwas Kalan11:5611:57Right Time553 km
61Nimach12:1012:15Right Time562 km
62Harkia Khal12:2812:29Right Time575 km
63Malhargarh12:4612:47Right Time587 km
64Piplia12:5612:57Right Time595 km
65Mandsor13:1013:12Right Time611 km
66Dalauda13:3113:32Right Time626 km
67Kachnara13:4713:48Right Time638 km
68Dhodhar13:5613:57Right Time646 km
69Jaora14:1314:15Right Time662 km
70Barayala Chaurasi14:2814:29Right Time671 km
71Namli14:3914:40Right Time682 km
72Ratlam Jn15:35Right Time695 km