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59821 KOTA BIX PASS Running status

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Kota Jn-KOTA
EExpected22:05 26 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Kota Jn22:05Right TimeYet to start
2Digod22:2122:22Right Time16 km
3Bhonra22:3622:37Right Time29 km
4Antah22:5622:57Right Time44 km
5Bijora23:0723:08Right Time53 km
6Baran23:2823:30Right Time66 km
7Chajawa23:4523:46Right Time78 km
8Atru00:0600:07Right Time95 km
9Salpura00:3900:40Right Time109 km
10Chhabra Gugor01:0401:05Right Time125 km
11Bhulon01:1801:20Right Time136 km
12Dharnaoda02:2402:25Right Time151 km
13Ruthiyai03:0503:10Right Time164 km
14Mahugarha03:2303:25Right Time177 km
15Guna04:0005:45Right Time184 km
16Taravata05:5605:58Right Time199 km
17Miyana06:1406:16Right Time216 km
18Raiserjagir06:2406:26Right Time225 km
19Badarwas06:3606:38Right Time234 km
20Lukwasa06:4906:51Right Time246 km
21Kolaras07:0807:10Right Time261 km
22Khonker07:2107:23Right Time270 km
23Shivpuri07:5008:10Right Time286 km
24Khajuri08:2508:27Right Time302 km
25Parakheda08:4608:48Right Time320 km
26Mohana09:1209:14Right Time348 km
27Ghatigaon09:3509:37Right Time374 km
28Panihar09:4909:51Right Time386 km
29Gwalior Jn11:5012:00Right Time412 km
30Birlanagar12:1512:17Right Time415 km
31Bhadroli H12:2712:29Right Time429 km
32Sanichara12:3712:39Right Time435 km
33Rethorakalan12:4612:48Right Time440 km
34Malanpur12:5412:56Right Time443 km
35Nonera13:0413:06Right Time449 km
36Rayatpura13:1213:14Right Time452 km
37Gohad Road H Mp13:2313:25Right Time460 km
38Sondha Road13:3513:37Right Time468 km
39Soni13:4613:48Right Time476 km
40Asokhar13:5713:59Right Time482 km
41Itehar14:0814:10Right Time488 km
42Bhind14:40Right Time499 km