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59832 KOTA BRC PASS Running status

Departure09:45 Right Time
Platform 3
Yet to start
Updated19 Jul 2018 2:15
1Kota Jn09:45Right TimeYet to start
2Dakaniya Talav09:5810:00Right Time9 km
3Dadhddevi10:0710:09Right Time16 km
4Alniya10:1610:18Right Time23 km
5Ravtha Road10:2910:31Right Time35 km
6Dara10:4310:45Right Time48 km
7Kanwalpura10:5410:56Right Time56 km
8Morak11:0311:05Right Time62 km
9Ramganj Mandi11:1511:20Right Time72 km
10Jhalawar Road11:3111:33Right Time84 km
11Dhuankheri11:4111:42Right Time90 km
12Bhawani Mandi11:5512:00Right Time100 km
13Kurlasi12:1012:12Right Time113 km
14Garot12:2212:24Right Time123 km
15Shamgarh12:3512:40Right Time134 km
16Hanspura12:4812:50Right Time140 km
17Suwasra13:0413:05Right Time147 km
18Nathukheri13:1413:15Right Time153 km
19Chaumahla13:2813:30Right Time163 km
20Talavli13:3713:38Right Time167 km
21Thuria13:4913:50Right Time177 km
22Vikramgarh Alot14:0114:03Right Time185 km
23Luni Richha14:1514:17Right Time198 km
24Mahidpur Road14:4314:45Right Time208 km
25Rohal Khurd15:2815:30Right Time215 km
26Nagda Jn16:0016:05Right Time225 km
27Berawanya16:1316:14Right Time233 km
28Khachrod16:2016:22Right Time239 km
29Runkhera16:3616:37Right Time249 km
30Bangrod16:4516:46Right Time257 km
31Ratlam Jn17:0517:30Right Time270 km
32Morwani17:4217:43Right Time282 km
33Bildi17:5117:52Right Time291 km
34Raoti17:5918:00Right Time298 km
35Bhairongarh18:1218:13Right Time310 km
36Bamnia18:1918:21Right Time316 km
37Amargarh18:3818:39Right Time320 km
38Panch Piplia18:4918:51Right Time330 km
39Bajranggarh19:0919:10Right Time337 km
40Thandla Road19:1819:19Right Time343 km
41Meghnagar19:2619:28Right Time352 km
42Anas19:4119:42Right Time366 km
43Bordi19:4919:50Right Time374 km
44Dahod20:0320:05Right Time385 km
45Rentiya20:2520:26Right Time390 km
46Jekot20:4220:44Right Time395 km
47Usra21:0121:02Right Time402 km
48Mangal Mahudi21:1021:11Right Time409 km
49Limkheda21:2221:23Right Time419 km
50Piplod Jn21:3121:32Right Time427 km
51Sant Road21:4121:42Right Time439 km
52Chanchelav21:5121:52Right Time447 km
53Kansudhi21:5922:00Right Time454 km
54Godhra Jn22:1922:30Right Time459 km
55Kharsaliya23:0923:10Right Time470 km
56Derol23:2223:23Right Time482 km
57Bakrol23:3523:36Right Time489 km
58Champaner Road Jn23:4323:44Right Time495 km
59Lotana00:0000:01Right Time501 km
60Samlaya Jn00:0700:08Right Time506 km
61Alindra Road00:2400:25Right Time512 km
62Pilol00:3300:34Right Time518 km
63Vadodara Jn01:10Right Time533 km