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59832 KOTA BRC PASS Running status

Departure10:00 Right Time
Platform 3
Departed from Alniya at 10:47, 23 kms. ahead of Kota Jn
Running Late 7 mins
Train is cancelled between Pilol and Vadodara Jn
Updated14 Nov 2018 10:49
1Kota Jn10:00Right TimeDeparted
2Dakaniya Talav10:2310:28Late 5mDeparted
3Dadhddevi10:3510:36Late 5m
4Alniya10:4510:47Late 8mDeparted 8 min ago updated
5Ravtha Road10:5610:57Late 4m12 km away
6Dara11:0811:09Late 3m25 km away
7Kanwalpura11:1811:19Late 2m33 km away
8Morak11:2511:26Late 1m39 km away
9Ramganj Mandi11:3911:40Right Time49 km away
10Jhalawar Road11:5111:52Right Time61 km away
11Dhuankheri11:5912:00Right Time67 km away
12Bhawani Mandi12:1412:15Right Time77 km away
13Kurlasi12:2512:26Right Time90 km away
14Garot12:3912:40Right Time100 km away
15Shamgarh12:5513:00Right Time111 km away
16Hanspura13:0713:08Right Time117 km away
17Suwasra13:1613:17Right Time124 km away
18Nathukheri13:2413:25Right Time130 km away
19Chaumahla13:3713:38Right Time140 km away
20Talavli13:4513:46Right Time144 km away
21Thuria13:5513:56Right Time154 km away
22Vikramgarh Alot14:0914:10Right Time162 km away
23Luni Richha14:2514:26Right Time175 km away
24Mahidpur Road14:4414:45Right Time185 km away
25Rohal Khurd15:3415:35Right Time192 km away
26Nagda Jn16:0016:05Right Time202 km away
27Berawanya16:1316:14Right Time210 km away
28Khachrod16:2016:22Right Time216 km away
29Runkhera16:3616:37Right Time226 km away
30Bangrod16:4516:46Right Time234 km away
31Ratlam Jn17:0517:30Right Time247 km away
32Morwani17:4317:44Right Time259 km away
33Bildi17:5217:53Right Time268 km away
34Raoti18:0018:01Right Time275 km away
35Bhairongarh18:1218:13Right Time287 km away
36Bamnia18:1918:21Right Time293 km away
37Amargarh18:3818:39Right Time297 km away
38Panch Piplia18:4918:51Right Time307 km away
39Bajranggarh19:0919:10Right Time314 km away
40Thandla Road19:1819:19Right Time320 km away
41Meghnagar19:2619:28Right Time329 km away
42Anas19:4219:43Right Time343 km away
43Bordi19:4919:50Right Time351 km away
44Dahod20:0320:05Right Time362 km away
45Rentiya20:2820:29Right Time367 km away
46Jekot20:4520:47Right Time372 km away
47Usra21:0521:06Right Time379 km away
48Mangal Mahudi21:1421:15Right Time386 km away
49Limkheda21:2621:27Right Time396 km away
50Piplod Jn21:3521:36Right Time404 km away
51Sant Road21:4521:46Right Time416 km away
52Chanchelav21:5521:56Right Time425 km away
53Kansudhi22:0322:04Right Time431 km away
54Godhra Jn22:2022:55Right Time436 km away
55Kharsaliya23:0923:10Right Time447 km away
56Bakrol23:3723:38Right Time466 km away
57Champaner Road Jn23:4523:46Right Time472 km away
58Lotana23:5323:54Right Time478 km away
59Samlaya Jn23:5900:01Right Time483 km away
60Alindra Road00:1700:18Right Time489 km away
61Pilol00:2600:27495 km away
62Vadodara Jn01:00Cancelled