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59835 NMH UDZ PASS Running status

Arrival09:57 Right Time
Departure09:58 Right Time
Platform 1
Yet to start
Updated22 Oct 2018 2:15
1Nimach06:50Right TimeYet to start
2Bisalwas Kalan06:5907:00Right Time9 km
3Jawad Road07:0907:10Right Time16 km
4Nimbahera07:2107:22Right Time27 km
5Gambhiri Road07:3107:32Right Time35 km
6Shambhupara07:4107:42Right Time44 km
7Ordi07:5007:51Right Time50 km
8Chittaurgarh08:0508:40Right Time56 km
9Ghosunda09:0709:08Right Time68 km
10Netawal09:1409:15Right Time74 km
11Pandoli09:2409:25Right Time82 km
12Kapasan09:3409:35Right Time91 km
13Bhupalsagar Karera09:4509:46Right Time101 km
14Fatehnagar09:5709:58Right Time114 km
15Mavli Jn10:2310:28Right Time127 km
16Bhimal10:3810:39Right Time135 km
17Khemli10:4810:49Right Time145 km
18Debari10:5911:00Right Time155 km
19Ranapratapnagar11:1111:12Right Time166 km
20Udaipur City11:45Right Time170 km