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63141 SDAH RPH PASS Running status

Departure12:05 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated18 Jan 2019 2:15
1Sealdah12:05Right TimeYet to start
2Dum Dum12:1612:17Right Time10 km
3Barrackpore12:3512:36Right Time25 km
4Ichhapur12:4112:42Right Time30 km
5Shyamnagar12:4812:49Right Time33 km
6Naihati Jn13:0313:04Right Time41 km
7Garifa13:1013:11Right Time45 km
8Hooghly Ghat13:1413:15Right Time45 km
9Bandel Jn13:2113:23Right Time50 km
10Magra13:3213:33Right Time57 km
11Pundooah13:4213:43Right Time71 km
12Bainchi13:5013:51Right Time81 km
13Memari13:5914:00Right Time93 km
14Barddhaman14:3514:40Right Time118 km
15Talit14:5214:53Right Time125 km
16Khana Jn14:5915:00Right Time131 km
17Jhapater Dhal15:0815:09Right Time135 km
18Banpas15:1415:15Right Time140 km
19Noadar Dhal15:2015:21Right Time145 km
20Guskara15:2515:26Right Time150 km
21Pichkurir Dhal15:3115:32Right Time156 km
22Bhedia15:3715:38Right Time161 km
23Bolpur Shantiniketan15:4615:48Right Time169 km
24Prantik15:5415:55Right Time173 km
25Kopai16:0316:04Right Time180 km
26Ahmadpur Jn16:3316:34Right Time188 km
27Bataspur16:4016:41Right Time194 km
28Sainthia Jn17:0417:05Right Time202 km
29Gadadharpur17:1217:13Right Time209 km
30Mallarpur17:2017:21Right Time217 km
31Tarapith Road17:3717:38Right Time223 km
32Rampur Hat18:05Right Time229 km