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63554 BSB ASN MEMU Running status

Departure04:15 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated15 Jul 2018 2:15
1Varanasi Jn04:15Right TimeYet to start
2Kashi04:2604:28Right Time5 km
3Vyasanagar04:4104:42Right Time11 km
4Block Hut B05:0205:03Right Time15 km
5DDU05:2005:30Right Time19 km
6Ganj Kwaja05:4105:42Right Time26 km
7Chandauli Majhwar05:5005:51Right Time35 km
8Saidraja05:5906:00Right Time43 km
9Karamnasa06:0806:09Right Time52 km
10Dhaniachha06:1706:18Right Time58 km
11Durgauti06:2606:27Right Time63 km
12Bhabua Road06:3606:37Right Time72 km
13Muthani06:4406:45Right Time78 km
14Pusauli06:5406:55Right Time86 km
15Kudra07:1307:14Right Time94 km
16Khurmabad Road07:2107:22Right Time101 km
17Shiu Sagar Road07:3007:31Right Time106 km
18Kumahu07:4007:41Right Time112 km
19Sasaram07:4807:49Right Time120 km
20Karwandiya07:5707:58Right Time127 km
21Pahaleja08:0308:04Right Time133 km
22Dehri On Son08:1108:13Right Time138 km
23Son Nagar Jn08:1908:20Right Time143 km
24Chirailla Pauthu08:2708:28Right Time149 km
25Anugrah Narayan Road08:3508:36Right Time154 km
26Phesar08:5008:51Right Time163 km
27Baghoikusa08:5808:59Right Time168 km
28Jakhim09:0709:08Right Time174 km
29Deo Road09:1409:15Right Time177 km
30Rafiganj09:2309:24Right Time185 km
31Ismailpur09:3309:34Right Time194 km
32Guraru10:0510:06Right Time201 km
33Paraiya10:2410:25Right Time207 km
34Kastha10:4710:48Right Time214 km
35Gaya Jn11:4211:52Right Time223 km
36Manpur Jn12:1312:15Right Time228 km
37Bandhua12:2212:24Right Time235 km
38Tankuppa12:3412:36Right Time243 km
39Bansinala H12:4312:44Right Time249 km
40Paharpur12:5312:54Right Time255 km
41Gurpa13:0513:06Right Time267 km
42Yadugram Bh13:1313:14Right Time270 km
43Baskatwa B H13:2113:22Right Time275 km
44Nathganj13:2713:28Right Time277 km
45Dilwa13:3713:38Right Time282 km
46Lalbagh13:4713:48Right Time287 km
47Gujhandi13:5514:00Right Time289 km
48Koderma14:1014:15Right Time299 km
49Larabad Bh14:1914:20Right Time304 km
50Hirodih14:2514:26Right Time308 km
51Sarmatanr14:3514:36Right Time316 km
52Yadudih14:4314:44Right Time321 km
53Parsabad14:5114:52Right Time325 km
54Dasara14:5915:00Right Time332 km
55Chaube15:0515:06Right Time337 km
56Keshwari Bh15:2015:22Right Time341 km
57Hazaribagh Road15:3015:35Right Time347 km
58Garea Bihar15:3815:40Right Time352 km
59Chichaki15:4215:44Right Time357 km
60Karmabad15:5215:53Right Time361 km
61Chaudhuribandh16:1016:12Right Time365 km
62Chegro16:3916:40Right Time369 km
63Parasnath16:5016:52Right Time374 km
64Nimiaghat17:1517:16Right Time382 km
65Bholidih17:2317:24Right Time387 km
66Gomoh Jn17:4517:55Right Time392 km
67Matari18:0718:08Right Time402 km
68Nichitpur18:1318:14Right Time407 km
69Tetulmari18:2318:24Right Time412 km
70Bhuli18:3018:32Right Time418 km
71Dhanbad Jn18:5018:55Right Time421 km
72Dokra Halt19:0519:06Right Time427 km
73Pradhankhunta19:1419:15Right Time431 km
74Chhota Ambana19:2419:25Right Time437 km
75Kalubathan19:3219:33Right Time446 km
76Thapar Nagar19:3719:38Right Time451 km
77Mugma19:4319:44Right Time456 km
78Kumardubi19:4819:49Right Time460 km
79Barakar19:5119:52Right Time463 km
80Kulti19:5519:56Right Time466 km
81Sitarampur20:0120:02Right Time471 km
82Barachak Jn.20:0720:08Right Time475 km
83Asansol Jn20:20Right Time480 km