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64560 SRE DLI PASS Running status

Arrival07:04 Right Time
Departure07:10 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated21 Oct 2018 2:15
1Saharanpur04:55Right TimeYet to start
2Tapri Jn05:0705:08Right Time7 km
3Nagal05:1605:17Right Time17 km
4Talheri Bazurg05:2405:25Right Time24 km
5Deoband05:3305:34Right Time34 km
6Rohana Kalan05:4305:44Right Time46 km
7Bamanheri05:5105:52Right Time54 km
8Muzaffarnagar05:5605:58Right Time58 km
9Jarauda Nara06:0606:07Right Time66 km
10Mansurpur06:1306:14Right Time71 km
11Khatauli06:2206:23Right Time80 km
12Sakhoti Tanda06:3106:32Right Time89 km
13Daurala06:3906:40Right Time97 km
14Pabli Khas06:4706:48Right Time105 km
15Meerut Cant06:5206:54Right Time109 km
16Meerut City Jn07:0407:10Right Time114 km
17Partapur07:1707:18Right Time121 km
18Mohiuddinpur07:2307:24Right Time125 km
19Modinagar07:3407:35Right Time133 km
20Muradnagar07:4807:49Right Time143 km
21Duhai07:5407:55Right Time147 km
22Guldhar08:0008:01Right Time151 km
23Naya Ghaziabad08:0708:08Right Time155 km
24Ghaziabad08:3308:35Right Time161 km
25Sahibabad08:4408:45Right Time168 km
26Vivek Vihar08:5108:52Right Time172 km
27Delhi Shahdara08:5708:58Right Time175 km
28Delhi09:30Right Time181 km