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64562 UMB DLI MEMU Running status

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Ambala Cant Jn-UMB
EExpected06:00 27 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update25 May 2018 2:19
Yet to start
1Ambala Cant Jn06:00Right TimeYet to start
2Dukheri06:1106:12Right Time7 km
3Kesri06:1606:17Right Time13 km
4Tandwal06:2206:23Right Time19 km
5Barara06:2806:29Right Time24 km
6Mustafabad06:3606:37Right Time33 km
7Darazpur06:4406:45Right Time41 km
8Jagadhri Workshop06:5006:51Right Time46 km
9Yamunanagar Jagadhri06:5806:59Right Time51 km
10Kalanour07:1007:11Right Time57 km
11Sarsawa07:1907:20Right Time67 km
12Pilkhani07:2707:28Right Time73 km
13Saharanpur07:5008:15Right Time81 km
14Tapri Jn08:2608:27Right Time87 km
15Nagal08:3508:36Right Time97 km
16Talheri Bazurg08:4308:44Right Time105 km
17Deoband08:5108:53Right Time115 km
18Rohana Kalan09:0309:04Right Time127 km
19Bamanheri09:1109:12Right Time134 km
20Muzaffarnagar09:3809:40Right Time139 km
21Jarauda Nara10:0810:09Right Time146 km
22Mansurpur10:1310:15Right Time152 km
23Khatauli10:3710:38Right Time161 km
24Sakhoti Tanda10:4810:49Right Time170 km
25Daurala10:5610:57Right Time178 km
26Pabli Khas11:0411:05Right Time185 km
27Meerut Cant11:1111:13Right Time190 km
28Meerut City Jn11:3512:05Right Time194 km
29Partapur12:1312:14Right Time201 km
30Mohiuddinpur12:2212:23Right Time206 km
31Modinagar12:3212:33Right Time214 km
32Muradnagar12:4312:44Right Time224 km
33Duhai12:5012:51Right Time228 km
34Guldhar12:5712:58Right Time232 km
35Naya Ghaziabad13:0513:06Right Time236 km
36Ghaziabad14:0514:07Right Time242 km
37Sahibabad14:1614:17Right Time248 km
38Vivek Vihar14:2314:24Right Time253 km
39Delhi Shahdara14:2914:30Right Time255 km
40Delhi14:50Right Time261 km