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64582 DLI HRF MEMU Running status

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EExpected17:45 22 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Delhi17:45Right TimeYet to start
2Delhi Shahdara18:0018:01Right Time6 km
3Vivek Vihar18:0618:07Right Time8 km
4Sahibabad18:1318:14Right Time13 km
5Ghaziabad18:3918:41Right Time19 km
6Maripat18:5418:55Right Time36 km
7Dadri19:0119:02Right Time43 km
8Boraki19:0719:08Right Time48 km
9Ajaibpur19:1319:14Right Time52 km
10Dankaur19:2119:22Right Time61 km
11Wair19:3119:32Right Time69 km
12Chola19:3719:38Right Time74 km
13Gangraul19:4619:47Right Time79 km
14Sikandarpur19:5219:53Right Time84 km
15Khurja Jn20:0020:01Right Time89 km
16Kamalpur20:0720:08Right Time95 km
17Danwar20:1420:15Right Time100 km
18Somna20:2420:25Right Time110 km
19Kulwa20:3420:35Right Time121 km
20Mahrawal20:4020:41Right Time126 km
21Aligarh Jn20:4920:50Right Time132 km
22Daud Khan20:5620:57Right Time139 km
23Mandrak21:0321:04Right Time146 km
24Sasni21:1021:11Right Time154 km
25Hathras Jn21:2221:25Right Time163 km
26Hathras Qilah21:45Right Time172 km