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64592 CNB ALD MEMU Running status

Departure14:40 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated19 Oct 2018 2:15
1Kanpur Central14:40Right TimeYet to start
2Chandari14:5214:53Right Time4 km
3Chakeri15:0215:03Right Time12 km
4Rooma15:0915:10Right Time16 km
5Sirsaul15:1615:17Right Time23 km
6Prempur15:2515:26Right Time29 km
7Karbigwan15:3215:33Right Time34 km
8Aung15:4015:41Right Time40 km
9Bindki Road15:4915:50Right Time46 km
10Kanspur Gugauli15:5716:10Right Time54 km
11Malwan16:1816:19Right Time61 km
12Kurasti Kalan16:2816:29Right Time71 km
13Fatehpur16:4017:10Right Time78 km
14Ramva17:1717:18Right Time83 km
15Faizullapur17:2417:25Right Time89 km
16Rasulabad17:3317:34Right Time98 km
17Sath Naraini17:4017:41Right Time105 km
18Khaga17:4917:50Right Time112 km
19Katoghan17:5717:58Right Time119 km
20Kunwar18:0418:05Right Time125 km
21Athsarai18:1218:13Right Time131 km
22Sirathu18:1918:20Right Time137 km
23Shujatpur18:2718:28Right Time147 km
24Bidanpur18:3418:35Right Time153 km
25Bharwari18:4218:43Right Time157 km
26Manoharganj18:5118:52Right Time165 km
27Saiyid Sarawan19:0019:01Right Time172 km
28Manauri19:0719:08Right Time177 km
29Bamhrauli19:1619:17Right Time185 km
30Subedarganj20:15Right Time191 km