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64906 GZB PWL EMU Running status

Departure16:50 Right Time
Platform 3
Yet to start
Updated17 Oct 2018 2:15
1Ghaziabad16:50Right TimeYet to start
2Sahibabad16:5917:00Right Time7 km
3Vivek Vihar17:0417:05Right Time11 km
4Delhi Shahdara17:0917:10Right Time14 km
5Delhi17:4017:50Right Time20 km
6Sadar Bazar17:5617:57Right Time21 km
7New Delhi18:1318:15Right Time23 km
8Shivaji Bridge18:1918:20Right Time24 km
9Tilak Bridge18:2318:24Right Time26 km
10Hazrat Nizamuddin18:3018:31Right Time30 km
11Okhla18:3818:39Right Time34 km
12Tugalakabad18:4518:46Right Time41 km
13Faridabad18:5618:57Right Time51 km
14Faridabad New Town19:0219:03Right Time55 km
15Ballabgarh19:0819:09Right Time59 km
16Asaoti19:1719:18Right Time69 km
17Palwal19:40Right Time80 km