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69169 ST NDB PASS Running status

Departure18:30 Right Time
Platform 2
Yet to start
Updated18 Nov 2018 10:15
1Surat18:30Right TimeYet to start
2Udhna Jn18:3718:39Right Time4 km
3Chalthan18:5418:55Right Time15 km
4Bagumra19:0119:02Right Time20 km
5Gangadhra19:0919:10Right Time25 km
6Bardoli19:1819:20Right Time31 km
7Timbarva19:2919:30Right Time38 km
8Mangrolia19:3519:36Right Time40 km
9Madhi19:4619:48Right Time46 km
10Kaher19:5619:57Right Time51 km
11Vyara20:1120:13Right Time61 km
12Kikakui Road20:2720:28Right Time72 km
13Dosvada20:3320:34Right Time75 km
14Ukai Songadh20:4220:43Right Time79 km
15Lakkadkot20:5120:52Right Time87 km
16Bhadbhunja21:0321:04Right Time92 km
17Navapur21:1821:19Right Time103 km
18Kolde21:3121:32Right Time113 km
19Chinchpada21:4021:42Right Time119 km
20Khatgaon21:5521:56Right Time129 km
21Khandbara22:0622:07Right Time137 km
22Dhekvad22:3022:31Right Time151 km
23Nandurbar22:55Right Time160 km