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71415 PUNE SUR DEMU Running status

Departure08:15 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated14 Oct 2018 2:15
1Pune Jn08:15Right TimeYet to start
2Hadapsar08:2608:27Right Time6 km
3Manjari Budruk08:3408:35Right Time10 km
4Loni08:4208:43Right Time16 km
5Uruli08:5408:55Right Time28 km
6Yevat09:0809:09Right Time41 km
7Khutbav09:1509:16Right Time47 km
8Kedgaon09:2309:24Right Time54 km
9Kadethan09:2809:29Right Time59 km
10Patas09:3609:37Right Time63 km
11Daund Jn09:5510:00Right Time75 km
12Boribial10:1410:15Right Time85 km
13Malthan10:2410:25Right Time95 km
14Bhigvan10:3410:35Right Time103 km
15Jinti Road10:4910:50Right Time115 km
16Parewadi11:0411:05Right Time124 km
17Washimbe11:1611:17Right Time131 km
18Pophlaj11:2711:28Right Time141 km
19Jeur11:3911:40Right Time150 km
20Bhalwani11:5011:51Right Time157 km
21Kem12:0212:03Right Time166 km
22Dhavalas12:1212:13Right Time174 km
23Kurduvadi12:4512:50Right Time184 km
24Wadsinge13:0913:10Right Time192 km
25Madha13:2413:25Right Time200 km
26Vakav13:3113:32Right Time207 km
27Angar13:3913:40Right Time213 km
28Malikpeth13:4913:50Right Time220 km
29Mohol14:0414:05Right Time230 km
30Mundhewadi14:1914:20Right Time238 km
31Pakni14:3914:40Right Time247 km
32Bale14:4914:50Right Time257 km
33Solapur Jn15:50Right Time263 km