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71907 IDH BKI DMU Running status

Departure17:20 Right Time
Platform 3
Yet to start
Updated23 Mar 2019 2:15
1Idgah17:20Right TimeYet to start
2Bichpuri17:3117:32Right Time9 km
3Raibha17:4017:41Right Time18 km
4Achhnera Jn17:4617:48Right Time24 km
5Chikasana17:5717:58Right Time34 km
6Ikran18:0518:06Right Time39 km
7Nohbachhamadi18:1218:13Right Time45 km
8Bharatpur Jn18:2418:26Right Time52 km
9Helak18:3218:33Right Time63 km
10Paparera18:4018:41Right Time71 km
11Nadbai18:4918:50Right Time80 km
12Tarchhera Baraoliran18:5818:59Right Time88 km
13Kherli19:0719:08Right Time97 km
14Dantia19:1619:17Right Time104 km
15Ghosrana19:2219:23Right Time109 km
16Mandawar Mahwa Road19:3019:31Right Time117 km
17Bhuda19:3719:38Right Time122 km
18Karanpura19:4219:43Right Time125 km
19Bhajera19:4819:49Right Time129 km
20Biwai19:5419:55Right Time133 km
21Shri Ghasi Nagar20:0020:01Right Time138 km
22Bandikui Jn21:00Right Time149 km