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74835 JU HSR DMU Running status

Departure11:30 Right Time
Platform 3
Yet to start
Updated21 Sep 2018 2:15
1Jodhpur Jn11:30Right TimeYet to start
2Raika Bagh11:3611:38Right Time2 km
3Banar11:5411:55Right Time15 km
4Jajiwal12:0312:04Right Time23 km
5Asaranada12:1312:14Right Time32 km
6Kheri Salwa12:2312:24Right Time41 km
7Pipar Road Jn12:3012:32Right Time47 km
8Sathin Road12:4212:43Right Time56 km
9Umed12:5312:54Right Time66 km
10Kharia Khangarh13:0413:05Right Time77 km
11Gotan13:1213:14Right Time84 km
12Jogi Magra13:2513:26Right Time93 km
13Merta Road Jn13:3713:42Right Time104 km
14Kheduli13:5013:51Right Time114 km
15Ren14:0514:07Right Time121 km
16Jalsu14:2114:22Right Time136 km
17Jalsu Nanak14:2814:29Right Time141 km
18Degana Jn14:4215:10Right Time149 km
19Kiroda15:1915:20Right Time161 km
20Khatu15:3115:32Right Time174 km
21Chhoti Khatu15:3915:40Right Time179 km
22Pirwa15:5115:53Right Time192 km
23Khunkhuna15:5815:59Right Time199 km
24Marwar Balia16:0816:09Right Time209 km
25Didwana16:1416:16Right Time215 km
26Sanvrad16:2816:29Right Time228 km
27Balsamand16:3716:38Right Time236 km
28Ladnun16:4616:48Right Time246 km
29Sujangarh16:5717:00Right Time255 km
30Talchhapar17:1317:14Right Time269 km
31Parhihara17:2517:26Right Time281 km
32Loha17:3617:37Right Time293 km
33Ratangarh Jn18:3518:55Right Time301 km
34Molisar19:0919:10Right Time318 km
35Shri Makri Nath Nagar19:1619:17Right Time323 km
36Juharpura19:2219:23Right Time327 km
37Depalsar19:3219:33Right Time336 km
38Churu19:4519:55Right Time344 km
39Aslu20:0620:08Right Time359 km
40Sirsala20:1720:18Right Time367 km
41Dudhwakhara20:2320:25Right Time373 km
42Hadyal20:3820:40Right Time386 km
43Dokwa20:4820:50Right Time394 km
44Sadulpur Jn21:0521:10Right Time402 km
45Suratpura Jn21:1621:17Right Time407 km
46Jhunpa21:3121:32Right Time423 km
47Siwani21:4721:49Right Time442 km
48Charaud22:0122:02Right Time454 km
49Hisar22:45Right Time473 km