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75105 MAU ALY DMU Running status

Arrival19:28 Right Time
Departure19:29 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated15 Jan 2019 2:18
1Mau Jn13:25Right TimeYet to start
2Paniara H13:3313:34Right Time6 km
3Pipridih13:4113:42Right Time11 km
4Nayak Dih H13:4913:50Right Time16 km
5Dullahapur13:5713:58Right Time21 km
6Jakhanian14:1014:11Right Time29 km
7Hurmujpur H14:1714:18Right Time33 km
8Sadat14:2714:28Right Time39 km
9Mahpur14:4114:42Right Time49 km
10Aunrihar Jn14:5614:57Right Time58 km
11Sidhauna Rampur Halt15:0415:05Right Time58 km
12Rajawari15:1315:14Right Time58 km
13Kadipur15:2415:25Right Time64 km
14Sarnath15:3815:39Right Time74 km
15Varanasi City15:5415:55Right Time81 km
16Varanasi Jn16:2016:25Right Time84 km
17Manduadih16:3516:40Right Time88 km
18Bhulanpur F16:4316:44Right Time90 km
19Hardattpur F16:4916:50Right Time96 km
20Raja Talab16:5416:55Right Time101 km
21Baherwa H17:0417:05Right Time108 km
22Nigatpur F17:1017:11Right Time111 km
23Kachhwa Road17:1717:18Right Time116 km
24Katka17:3417:35Right Time123 km
25Madhosingh17:4117:43Right Time131 km
26Ahimanpur17:5317:54Right Time135 km
27Almaw H17:5817:59Right Time139 km
28Gyanpur Road18:2818:29Right Time144 km
29Sarai Jagdish H18:3518:36Right Time151 km
30Jangiganj18:3918:40Right Time153 km
31Atraura H18:4518:46Right Time158 km
32Bhiti18:5018:51Right Time162 km
33Handia Khas18:5818:59Right Time170 km
34Saidabad19:0619:07Right Time177 km
35Ramnathpur19:2819:29Right Time188 km
36Jhusi19:4619:48Right Time199 km
37Daraganj20:1120:13Right Time203 km
38Allahabad City20:25Right Time206 km