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75106 ALY MAU DMU Running status

Departure05:45 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated20 Oct 2018 2:15
1Allahabad City05:45Right TimeYet to start
2Daraganj05:5205:53Right Time3 km
3Jhusi06:0106:02Right Time7 km
4Ramnathpur06:1106:12Right Time18 km
5Saidabad06:2106:22Right Time29 km
6Handia Khas06:2806:29Right Time37 km
7Bhiti06:3706:38Right Time44 km
8Atraura H06:4206:43Right Time48 km
9Jangiganj06:4906:50Right Time53 km
10Sarai Jagdish H06:5406:55Right Time55 km
11Gyanpur Road07:1907:20Right Time62 km
12Almaw H07:2507:26Right Time67 km
13Ahimanpur07:3007:31Right Time71 km
14Madhosingh07:3507:36Right Time75 km
15Katka07:4207:43Right Time83 km
16Kachhwa Road07:4907:50Right Time90 km
17Nigatpur F07:5507:56Right Time96 km
18Baherwa H08:0008:01Right Time99 km
19Raja Talab08:1408:15Right Time105 km
20Hardattpur F08:2408:25Right Time111 km
21Bhulanpur F08:3108:32Right Time116 km
22Manduadih09:0009:15Right Time118 km
23Varanasi Jn09:3509:40Right Time122 km
24Varanasi City09:5109:52Right Time126 km
25Sarnath10:0510:06Right Time132 km
26Kadipur10:1510:16Right Time142 km
27Rajawari10:2110:22Right Time148 km
28Aunrihar Jn10:3610:38Right Time157 km
29Mahpur10:5110:52Right Time166 km
30Sadat11:0511:06Right Time175 km
31Hurmujpur H11:1911:20Right Time181 km
32Jakhanian11:2911:30Right Time185 km
33Dullahapur11:4211:43Right Time194 km
34Nayak Dih H11:5111:52Right Time199 km
35Pipridih11:5912:00Right Time204 km
36Paniara H12:0612:07Right Time208 km
37Mau Jn12:30Right Time215 km