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75230 RXL SPJ DEMU Running status

09:35, Late 5m
Departed from Darbhanga Jn at 17:50, 150 kms. ahead of Raxaul Jn
Train is cancelled between Darbhanga Jn and Samastipur Jn
Updated16 Oct 2018 17:53
1Raxaul Jn09:35Late 5mDeparted
2Adapur10:0110:03Late 14mDeparted
3Chauradano10:2110:23Late 14mDeparted
4Ghorasahan10:4110:43Late 13mDeparted
5Kundwa Chainpur10:5510:56Late 12mDeparted
6Bairagnia11:1811:20Late 15mDeparted
7Dhang11:5211:54Late 36mDeparted
8Riga12:1012:20Late 47mDeparted
9Sitamarhi12:3514:45Late 2h 45mDeparted
10Bhisa H14:4914:50Late 2h 45mDeparted
11Parsauni14:5514:57Late 2h 46mDeparted
12Bajpatti15:0515:30Late 3h 11mDeparted
13Awapur F15:3715:38Late 3h 11mDeparted
14Bachharpur Halt15:4215:43Late 3h 11mDeparted
15Janakpur Road15:5016:01Late 3h 23mDeparted
16Chandauna H16:0616:07Late 3h 23mDeparted
17Jogiara16:1816:20Late 3h 30mDeparted
18Debrabandhauli H16:2616:27Late 3h 30mDeparted
19Muraitha H16:3216:33Late 3h 30mDeparted
20Kamtaul16:3516:37Late 3h 27mDeparted
21Tektar F16:4316:44Late 3h 26mDeparted
22Muhammadpur16:5316:55Late 3h 30mDeparted
23Shisho H17:0217:03Late 3h 30mDeparted
24Darbhanga Jn17:4514:00Departed 240 min ago updated
25Laheria Sarai14:0814:10Late 3h 50m
26Thalwara14:1314:15Late 3h 50m
27Haiaghat14:2214:24Late 3h 50m
28Rambhaddarpur14:3214:34Late 3h 50m
29Kishanpur14:4014:42Late 3h 50m
30Muktapur14:4814:50Late 3h 50m
31Samastipur Jn16:00Late 3h 29m