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78820 G BPQ DEMU Running status

Arrival14:01 Right Time
Departure14:03 Right Time
Platform 1
Yet to start
Updated14 Oct 2018 2:15
1Gondia Jn10:20Right TimeYet to start
2Gankhera10:3110:32Right Time10 km
3Hirdamali10:3810:40Right Time15 km
4Pindkepar10:4510:46Right Time19 km
5Gongle10:5610:58Right Time29 km
6Khodseoni11:0711:08Right Time38 km
7Sondad11:1511:17Right Time46 km
8Gond Umri11:2411:25Right Time54 km
9Dewalgaon11:3711:39Right Time67 km
10Barabhati11:4611:47Right Time73 km
11Arjuni11:5411:56Right Time79 km
12Wadegaon12:0612:08Right Time87 km
13Arun Nagar H12:1412:15Right Time94 km
14Wadsa12:2512:30Right Time103 km
15Chicholibuzurg Halt12:3512:36Right Time108 km
16Bramhapuri12:4212:44Right Time114 km
17Kirmiti Mendha12:5212:53Right Time124 km
18Nagbhir Jn13:0013:10Right Time132 km
19Mindala13:1813:19Right Time138 km
20Talodhi Road13:2713:29Right Time147 km
21Alewahi13:3813:40Right Time159 km
22Sindewahi13:4813:50Right Time167 km
23Rajoli14:0114:03Right Time181 km
24Mul Marora14:2014:22Right Time198 km
25Tolewahi14:2914:30Right Time205 km
26Kelzar14:3714:39Right Time211 km
27Chanda Fort15:0115:06Right Time239 km
28Balharshah16:15Right Time250 km