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79314 RTM DADN DEMU Running status

Arrival11:59 Right Time
Departure12:00 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated22 Oct 2018 2:15
1Ratlam Jn10:00Right TimeYet to start
2Nauganwan10:1810:20Right Time16 km
3Pritam Nagar10:2910:30Right Time23 km
4Runija10:3710:39Right Time31 km
5Sunderabad10:4810:49Right Time37 km
6Barnagar10:5710:59Right Time47 km
7Pir Jhalar11:0911:10Right Time58 km
8Gautampura Road11:1611:18Right Time63 km
9Osra11:2711:28Right Time72 km
10Fatehabad Chandrawati Ganj Jn11:3511:37Right Time79 km
11Ajnod11:4811:50Right Time91 km
12Balauda Takun11:5912:00Right Time98 km
13Palia12:0712:09Right Time104 km
14Lakshmibai Nagar12:2112:23Right Time115 km
15Indore Jn Bg12:5012:55Right Time119 km
16Saifinagar Halt12:5913:00Right Time122 km
17Lokmanya Nagar13:0413:05Right Time125 km
18Rajendranagar13:1213:14Right Time128 km
19Rau13:2213:24Right Time133 km
20Dr Ambedkar Ngr (Mhow)13:50Right Time142 km