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79437 MSH ABR DMU Running status

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Mahesana Jn-MSH
EExpected18:15 20 Apr 2018
PDelayLate 1h 0m
Last Update20 Apr 2018 13:51
Yet to start
1Mahesana Jn17:15
Late 1h 0mYet to start
Bhandu Motidau18:2418:25Late 1h 0m10 km
Unjha18:3518:37Late 1h 0m21 km
Kamli18:4518:46Late 1h 0m29 km
Siddhapur18:5318:55Late 1h 0m35 km
Dharewada19:0219:03Late 1h 0m40 km
Chhapi19:0919:11Late 1h 0m48 km
Umardeshi19:1819:20Late 1h 0m56 km
Palanpur Jn19:4419:46Late 54m65 km
Karjoda19:5319:54Late 54m71 km
Chitrasani20:0120:02Late 54m76 km
Jethi20:0820:09Late 54m81 km
Iqbal Gadh20:1620:18Late 54m87 km
Sarotra Road20:3120:32Late 54m94 km
Shri Hamirgadh20:3920:40Late 54m100 km
Maval20:4820:49Late 54m108 km
Abu Road21:24Late 54m117 km