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97089 CSTM KYN LOCAL Running status

Arrival16:44 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated16 Dec 2018 10:15
1Mumbai Cst15:17Right TimeYet to start
2Masjid15:1915:20Right Time1 km
3Sandhurst Road15:2115:22Right Time2 km
4Byculla15:2415:25Right Time4 km
5Chinchpokli15:2615:27Right Time6 km
6Currey Road15:2815:29Right Time6 km
7Parel15:3115:32Right Time8 km
8Dadar15:3415:35Right Time9 km
9Matunga15:3715:38Right Time10 km
10Kurla Jn15:4415:45Right Time15 km
11Vidyavihar15:4715:48Right Time18 km
12Ghat Kopar15:5015:51Right Time19 km
13Vikhroli15:5415:55Right Time23 km
14Bhandup16:0016:01Right Time27 km
15Nahur16:0316:04Right Time28 km
16Mulund16:0616:07Right Time31 km
17Thane16:1116:12Right Time33 km
18Kalva16:1516:16Right Time35 km
19Mumbra16:2116:22Right Time39 km
20Diva Jn16:2516:26Right Time42 km
21Kopar16:3016:31Right Time47 km
22Dombivli16:3316:34Right Time48 km
23Thakurli16:3716:38Right Time50 km
24Kalyan Jn16:44Right Time53 km