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97133 DR KYN LOCAL Running status

Arrival20:02 Right Time
Departure20:03 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated21 Oct 2018 2:15
1Mumbai Cst19:45Right TimeYet to start
2Masjid19:4719:48Right Time1 km
3Sandhurst Road19:4919:50Right Time2 km
4Byculla19:5219:53Right Time4 km
5Chinchpokli19:5419:55Right Time6 km
6Currey Road19:5619:57Right Time6 km
7Parel19:5920:00Right Time8 km
8Dadar20:0220:03Right Time9 km
9Matunga20:0520:06Right Time10 km
10Kurla Jn20:1220:13Right Time15 km
11Vidyavihar20:1520:16Right Time18 km
12Ghat Kopar20:1820:19Right Time19 km
13Vikhroli20:2220:23Right Time23 km
14Bhandup20:2820:29Right Time27 km
15Nahur20:3120:32Right Time28 km
16Mulund20:3420:35Right Time31 km
17Thane20:3820:39Right Time33 km
18Kalva20:4320:44Right Time35 km
19Mumbra20:4920:50Right Time39 km
20Diva Jn20:5320:54Right Time42 km
21Kopar20:5820:59Right Time47 km
22Dombivli21:0221:03Right Time48 km
23Thakurli21:0621:07Right Time50 km
24Kalyan Jn21:13Right Time53 km