from Jharsuguda Jn to Manmad Jn
22846HTE PUNE EXP00.2019.0518.45hr
18030SHM LTT EXPRESS01.0023.1022.10hr
12810HWH MUMBAI MAIL04.0023.3819.38hr
12130AZAD HIND EXP05.4723.5018.03hr
12812HTE LTT SUPER14.0508.1718.12hr
12880BBS LTT SF EXP14.0508.1718.12hr
22866PURI LTT SF EXP14.0508.1718.12hr
22894HWH SNSI EXPRESS22.2517.0518.40hr
22512KARMABHOOMI EXP22.2516.2718.02hr
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