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Kamarkundu (KQU) to Belur (BEQ) Trains

from Kamarkundu to Belur
36812BWN HWH CHORD04.0605.0200.56hr
36814BWN HWH CHORD05.0705.5200.45hr
36816BWN HWH CHORD06.0306.3800.35hr
36818BWN HWH CHORD06.4707.1900.32hr
36820BWN HWH CHORD07.1707.5200.35hr
36072GRAE HWH LOCAL07.3608.1000.34hr
36822BWN HWH CHORD07.5608.2800.32hr
36824BWN HWH CHORD08.2909.0100.32hr
36826BWN HWH CHORD08.4209.1400.32hr
36082MSAE HWH LOCAL08.5209.2400.32hr
36828BWN HWH CHORD09.1809.5800.40hr
36032CDAE HWH LOCAL10.0710.3900.32hr
36832BWN HWH CHORD10.2510.5700.32hr
36834BWN HWH CHORD11.0711.3900.32hr
36034CDAE HWH LOCAL12.0012.3200.32hr
36836BWN HWH CHORD12.1712.5600.39hr
36838BWN HWH CHORD13.0813.5500.47hr
36840BWN HWH CHORD14.2014.5200.32hr
36036CDAE HWH LOCAL15.1515.4800.33hr
36842BWN HWH CHORD15.2615.5800.32hr
36844BWN HWH CHORD16.3017.0100.31hr
36846BWN HWH CHORD17.4918.2100.32hr
36084MSAE HWH LOCAL18.2618.5800.32hr
36848BWN HWH CHORD18.5919.3100.32hr
36086MSAE HWH LOCAL19.1119.4300.32hr
36038CDAE HWH LOCAL19.4220.1400.32hr
36850BWN HWH CHORD19.5220.2400.32hr
36852BWN HWH CHORD20.3921.1100.32hr
36854BWN HWH CHORD21.1221.4400.32hr
36856BWN HWH CHORD21.2721.5900.32hr
36858BWN HWH CHORD21.5022.2200.32hr
36088MSAE HWH LOCAL22.5223.2400.32hr
36860BWN HWH CHORD23.0823.4000.32hr
from Kamarkundu Lower to Belur
37312TAK HWH LOCAL04.1404.5900.45hr
37314TAK HWH LOCAL05.1406.0100.47hr
37316TAK HWH LOCAL05.5906.4600.47hr
37318TAK HWH LOCAL06.4407.3600.52hr
37320TAK HWH LOCAL07.3608.2000.44hr
37308HPL HWH LOCAL08.4009.2800.48hr
37372GOGT HWH LOCAL08.5609.4300.47hr
37362AMBG HWH LOCAL09.3610.2500.49hr
37324TAK HWH LOCAL09.5610.4200.46hr
37326TAK HWH LOCAL10.4911.3700.48hr
37328TAK HWH LOCAL11.3912.2600.47hr
37330TAK HWH LOCAL12.2413.1300.49hr
37332TAK HWH LOCAL13.0413.5300.49hr
37364AMBG HWH LOCAL13.3214.1700.45hr
37334TAK HWH LOCAL13.4914.3900.50hr
37374GOGT HWH LOCAL14.2515.0800.43hr
37336TAK HWH LOCAL14.4215.2900.47hr
37338TAK HWH LOCAL15.4116.2300.42hr
37366AMBG HWH LOCAL15.5716.4300.46hr
37340TAK HWH LOCAL16.4417.2300.39hr
37342TAK HWH LOCAL17.3118.2200.51hr
37344TAK HWH LOCAL18.3319.2000.47hr
37346TAK HWH LOCAL19.2420.0900.45hr
37348TAK HWH LOCAL19.5720.4600.49hr
37376GOGT HWH LOCAL20.2221.1000.48hr
37368AMBG HWH LOCAL20.4621.3400.48hr
37350TAK HWH LOCAL21.2222.1200.50hr
37352TAK HWH LOCAL22.0222.4900.47hr
37378GOGT HWH LOCAL22.4923.3800.49hr
37354TAK HWH LOCAL23.1400.0000.46hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Kamarkundu and Belur?
    There are 63 trains beween Kamarkundu and Belur.
  2. When does the first train leave from Kamarkundu?
    The first train from Kamarkundu to Belur is Barddhaman Howrah Jn CHORD (36812) departs at 04.06 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Kamarkundu?
    The first train from Kamarkundu to Belur is Tarakeswar Howrah Jn LOCAL (37354) departs at 23.14 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Belur and its timing?
    The fastest train from Kamarkundu to Belur is Barddhaman Howrah Jn CHORD (36844) departs at 16.30 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 27km in 00.31 hrs.