from Manavur to Tiruttani
43501MAS TRT LOCAL05.2606.1500.49hr
43847AVD TRT LOCAL07.1108.2001.09hr
43503MAS TRT LOCAL08.3109.2000.49hr
43505MAS TRT LOCAL11.2612.2000.54hr
43507MAS TRT LOCAL13.1114.0500.54hr
43941VLCY TRT LOCAL13.4814.4500.57hr
43509MAS TRT LOCAL15.4616.4000.54hr
43511MAS TRT LOCAL16.5617.5500.59hr
43513MAS TRT LOCAL19.0620.1001.04hr
43943VLCY TRT FAST19.3520.3000.55hr
43515MAS TRT LOCAL20.2821.3001.02hr
43517MAS TRT LOCAL21.4622.4000.54hr
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Kumbh Mela 2019