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Mirzapur (MZP) to Katni (KTE) Trains

from Mirzapur to Katni
12296SANGHA MITRA EX00.3006.2005.50hr
12577BAGMATI EXPRESS01.0006.5005.50hr
22351PPTA YPR EXP01.0006.5005.50hr
01666AGTL HBJ SPL02.5808.4005.42hr
13201RJPB LTT EXP05.4513.3507.50hr
22912SHIPRA EXP06.1312.5506.42hr
15547JYG LTT JANSADHARAN EXP06.4012.1005.30hr
12361ASN CSTM EXPRESS06.4012.1005.30hr
12321HWH MUMBAI MAIL09.4516.1506.30hr
11094MAHANAGARI EXP13.0519.4506.40hr
15563UDN ANTYODAYA EXPRESS15.2521.0005.35hr
12520KYQ LTT AC EXP18.0723.4005.33hr
12335BGP LTT EXPRESS18.5500.2505.30hr
15646GHY LTT EXP18.5500.2505.30hr
15648GHY LTT EXPRESS18.5500.2505.30hr
22948BGP SURAT SF EXP19.2500.2505.00hr
19046TAPTI GANGA EXP19.2500.2505.00hr
11082GKP LTT EXP20.0702.3506.28hr
18202NTV DURG EXP20.3504.3007.55hr
16230BSB MYS EXP22.4504.3505.50hr
17324BSB UBL EXPRESS22.4504.3505.50hr
15231BJU GONDIA EXP23.0206.4007.38hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Mirzapur and Katni?
    There are 22 trains beween Mirzapur and Katni.
  2. When does the first train leave from Mirzapur?
    The first train from Mirzapur to Katni is Danapur Ksr Bengaluru SANGHAMITRA EXPRESS (12296) departs at 00.30 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Mirzapur?
    The first train from Mirzapur to Katni is Barauni Jn Gondia Jn GONDIA EXPRESS (15231) departs at 23.02 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Katni and its timing?
    The fastest train from Mirzapur to Katni is Bhagalpur Surat SURAT SUPERFAST EXPRESS (22948) departs at 19.25 and train runs on M Th. It covers the distance of 348km in 05.00 hrs.