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New Delhi (NDLS) to Vivekanandpuri (VVKP) Trains

from New Delhi to Vivekanandpuri
64019PWL SSB EMU00.2500.4600.21hr
64011PWL SSB EMU07.4308.0200.19hr
64109DKDE SSB EMU08.4509.0300.18hr
64071BVH SSB EMU09.1509.3300.18hr
64911NDLS ROK MEMU09.2509.4300.18hr
54412MUT RE PASS09.3009.5400.24hr
64090NZM HNZM EMU09.4010.0100.21hr
64031GZB SSB EMU09.5510.1300.18hr
64013PWL SSB EMU14.0214.2100.19hr
64015PWL SSB EMU16.0216.2100.19hr
64017PWL SSB EMU17.0217.3100.29hr
54011TKJ SDLP PASS18.0018.2200.22hr
54001TKJ ROK PASS18.5519.1400.19hr
64092NZM HNZM EMU19.2019.3800.18hr
64097NDLS SSB EMU19.4520.0500.20hr
64113KRJ SSB EMU21.5922.1900.20hr
from Delhi to Vivekanandpuri
54005DLI BNW PASS04.1504.3200.17hr
64913DLI ROHTAK MEMU05.0005.1700.17hr
54641DLI FZR PASS07.1007.2700.17hr
64111KRJ SSB EMU08.2508.4100.16hr
64915DLI ROK MEMU10.1010.2900.19hr
54031DLI JIND PASS11.4512.0200.17hr
54035DLI JHL PASS15.4015.5800.18hr
74013DLI KKDE DMU16.3516.5200.17hr
54423DLI BNW PASS17.0017.1700.17hr
54033DLI NRW PASS17.2517.4200.17hr
64931DLI ROK MEMU18.3518.5200.17hr
74011DLI ROK DMU20.2020.3900.19hr
from Shakurbasti to Vivekanandpuri
64908SSB BVH MEMU05.5006.0100.11hr
74012ROK DLI DEMU06.0006.1100.11hr
54002ROK TKJ PASS07.4507.5800.13hr
54424BNW DLI PASS08.0308.1600.13hr
64912ROK NDLS MEMU08.3908.5100.12hr
54036JHL DLI PASS09.3809.5200.14hr
64012SSB PWL EMU10.0510.1500.10hr
54032JIND DLI PASS10.1510.2900.14hr
74014KKDE DLI DMU10.3610.4900.13hr
64112SSB DKDE EMU11.2011.3000.10hr
64014SSB PWL EMU13.1013.2000.10hr
64016SSB PWL EMU14.3014.4000.10hr
64032SSB GZB EMU15.0015.1000.10hr
64914ROK DLI MEMU15.0815.2100.13hr
64018SSB NDLS EMU17.1517.2500.10hr
64932ROK DLI MEMU17.2317.3600.13hr
64910SSB MTJ EMU18.2018.3000.10hr
54034JIND DLI PASS19.0019.2100.21hr
64034SSB GZB EMU20.2520.3500.10hr
54024JIND DLI PASS21.1221.4700.35hr
54642FZR DLI PASS22.0822.2100.13hr
64916ROK DLI MEMU22.2822.4000.12hr
64036SSB GZB EMU22.5023.0000.10hr
from Delhi Cantt to Vivekanandpuri
54012SDLP TKJ PASS07.5508.2600.31hr
54411RE MUT PASS16.3817.0500.27hr
from Hazrat Nizamuddin to Vivekanandpuri
64091NZM HNZM EMU08.0009.0601.06hr
64089NZM HNZM EMU16.4517.3500.50hr
64087NZM NDLS EMU18.2719.1200.45hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between New Delhi and Vivekanandpuri?
    There are 56 trains beween New Delhi and Vivekanandpuri.
  2. When does the first train leave from New Delhi?
    The first train from New Delhi to Vivekanandpuri is Palwal Shakurbasti EMU (64019) departs at 00.25 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from New Delhi?
    The first train from New Delhi to Vivekanandpuri is Shakurbasti Ghaziabad EMU (64036) departs at 22.50 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Vivekanandpuri and its timing?
    The fastest train from New Delhi to Vivekanandpuri is Shakurbasti Palwal EMU (64012) departs at 10.05 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 5km in 00.10 hrs.