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Samsi (SM) to Eklakhi (EKI) Trains

from Samsi
55770KIR MLFC PASS07.54Eklakhi08.3400.40hr
55704KIR MLFC PASS10.04Eklakhi10.5100.47hr
13172KANCHANJUNGA EXP11.08Malda Town12.1501.07hr
13174KANCHANJUNGA EXP11.08Malda Town12.1501.07hr
13176KANCHANJUNGA EXP11.08Malda Town12.1501.07hr
15660KANCHANJUNGA EXP11.15Malda Town12.1501.00hr
15658KANCHANJUNGA EXP11.15Malda Town12.1501.00hr
25658KANCHANJUNGA EXP11.15Malda Town12.1501.00hr
15464NJP BALURGHAT EXP11.34Eklakhi11.5000.16hr
55712NJP MLDT PASS12.04Eklakhi12.3500.31hr
75720SGUJ MLFC DEMU15.54Eklakhi16.1800.24hr
55702KIR MLDT PASS16.19Eklakhi16.4800.29hr
13034KIR HWH EXPRESS16.53Malda Town17.5000.57hr
13160JBN KOLKATA EXP18.39Malda Town20.0001.21hr
13142TESTA TORSA EXP19.13Malda Town20.4001.27hr
23142TEESTA TORSA EXP19.13Malda Town20.4001.27hr
13146RADHIKAPUR EXP19.51Malda Town21.0001.09hr
15960KAMRUP EXPRESS20.12Malda Town22.0001.48hr
13148UTTAR BANGA EXP21.04Malda Town22.2001.16hr
13164HATE BAZARE EXP21.17Eklakhi21.5100.34hr
13170HATE BAZARE EXP21.17Eklakhi21.5100.34hr
15712KIR HWH EXPRESS23.57Malda Town00.5500.58hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Samsi and Eklakhi?
    There are 22 trains beween Samsi and Eklakhi.
  2. When does the first train leave from Samsi?
    The first train from Samsi to Eklakhi is Katihar Jn Malda Court MLDT PASSENGER (55770) departs at 07.54 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Samsi?
    The first train from Samsi to Eklakhi is Katihar Jn Howrah Jn EXPRESS (15712) departs at 23.57 and train runs on M.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Eklakhi and its timing?
    The fastest train from Samsi to Eklakhi is Siliguri Jn Balurghat NJP BALURGHAT EXPRESS (15464) departs at 11.34 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 15km in 00.16 hrs.