Indian Railways Train Enquiry

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TrainTrain NameFromDep.ToArr.TravelRMTWTFSS1A2A3ACCFCSL2S
64211LKO CNB MEMUAJ16.51SIC16.5700.06XXXXXXX
64213LKO CNB MEMUAJ21.10SIC21.1600.06XXXXXXX
64251LJN CNB MEMUAJ06.32SIC06.3800.06XXXXXXX
64201LKO CNB MEMUAJ05.00SIC05.0600.06XXXXXXX
51814LKO JHS PASSAJ17.50SIC17.5800.08XXXXXXX
64253LJN KAP MEMUAJ16.25SIC16.3100.06XXXXXXX
64203LKO CNB MEMUAJ08.10SIC08.1600.06XXXXXXX
55325LJN KSJ PASSAJ05.36SIC05.4400.08XXXXXXX
64255LJN KAP MEMUAJ19.23SIC19.3000.07XXXXXXX
64205LKO CNB MEMUAJ10.24SIC10.3000.06XXXXXXX
64257LKO CNB MEMUAJ23.03SIC23.0900.06XXXXXXX
64207LKO CNB MEMUAJ12.09SIC12.1400.05XXXXXXX
64209LKO CNB MEMUAJ15.03SIC15.0900.06XXXXXXX
64235BBK CNB MEMUAJ08.37SIC08.4500.08XXXXXX is the top train enquiry website for checking PNR status, running status & seat availability live from Indian Railways. You can search for trains between stations and get instant seat availability for Indian railways. Rail enquiry services with train schedule and running status on Helps passenger in planning railway journey. is the fastest website providing seats availability status. Passengers can find dynamic fare, general fare, student fare, tatkal fare.