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12204 SHC GARIB RATH Running status

03:52, Late 3h 47m
04:03, Late 3h 48m
Platform 4
Arrived at Saharsa Jn at 14:40 21 Oct 2018, 505 kms. ahead of Gorakhpur
Train is diverted between Amritsar Jn and Beas
Updated21 Oct 2018 14:48
1Amritsar Jn04:10Right TimeDeparted
2Beas06:4006:53Late 2h 13mDeparted
3Jalandhar City07:2207:27Late 2h 4mDeparted
4Ludhiana Jn08:2008:25Late 2h 5mDeparted
5Ambala Cant Jn10:0310:13Late 2h 3mDeparted
6New Delhi13:2013:30Late 2h 25mDeparted
7Moradabad16:3016:35Late 2h 40mDeparted
8Bareilly18:0818:10Late 2h 50mDeparted
9Hardoi20:0220:04Late 2h 59mDeparted
10Lucknow21:4022:30Late 3h 38mDeparted
11Gorakhpur03:5204:03Late 3h 48mDeparted
12Deoria Sadar05:0005:03Late 4h 2mDeparted
13Siwan Jn06:0206:07Late 4h 7mDeparted
14Chhapra07:0007:05Late 3h 45mDeparted
15Hajipur Jn08:2008:25Late 3h 55mDeparted
16Muzaffarpur Jn09:2509:30Late 3h 50mDeparted
17Samastipur Jn10:3010:35Late 4h 5mDeparted
18Dalsingh Sarai11:0211:04Late 4h 11mDeparted
19Barauni Jn11:5012:15Late 4h 35mDeparted
20Begu Sarai12:3412:36Late 4h 31mDeparted
21Khagaria Jn.13:0813:10Late 4h 34mDeparted
22S Bhakhtiyarpur14:0314:09Late 4h 32mDeparted
23Saharsa Jn14:40Late 3h 10mArrived