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12296 SANGHA MITRA EX Running status

Arrival20:39 Right Time
Departure20:41 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated15 Jan 2019 2:15
1Danapur20:10Right TimeYet to start
2Ara20:3920:41Right Time39 km
3Buxar21:2521:27Right Time108 km
4Dd Upadhyaya Jn23:1423:24Right Time201 km
5Mirzapur00:2500:30Right Time265 km
6Allahabd Chheoki01:5002:00Right Time341 km
7Satna05:0005:10Right Time517 km
8Maihar05:3305:35Right Time552 km
9Katni06:2006:25Right Time615 km
10Jabalpur07:5508:05Right Time706 km
11Narsinghpur09:1609:18Right Time790 km
12Pipariya10:2310:25Right Time883 km
13Itarsi Jn12:3512:45Right Time951 km
14Ghoradongri13:5113:53Right Time1021 km
15Betul14:3614:39Right Time1057 km
16Pandhurna15:5315:55Right Time1144 km
17Nagpur17:5518:10Right Time1248 km
18Sevagram19:0219:04Right Time1324 km
19Chandrapur Maharashtra21:0721:10Right Time1445 km
20Balharshah22:0022:10Right Time1459 km
21Sirpur Kaghaznagar22:5923:00Right Time1529 km
22Ramagundam00:0200:03Right Time1601 km
23Warangal01:3501:40Right Time1701 km
24Vijayawada Jn06:0506:15Right Time1908 km
25Ongole08:1408:15Right Time2046 km
26Nellore09:5910:00Right Time2162 km
27Gudur Jn10:4810:50Right Time2200 km
28Chennai Central13:3013:55Right Time2338 km
29Arakkonam14:5314:55Right Time2413 km
30Katpadi Jn15:4815:50Right Time2473 km
31Jolarpettai17:2517:30Right Time2557 km
32Kuppam17:5918:00Right Time2601 km
33Bangarapet18:3418:35Right Time2635 km
34Krishnarajapurm19:2919:30Right Time2691 km
35Bangalore East19:4319:45Right Time2698 km
36Bangalore Cant19:5820:00Right Time2701 km
37Ksr Bengaluru20:20Right Time2705 km