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12322 KOLKATA MAIL Running status

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C Shivaji Maharaj T-CSMT
EExpected21:30 23 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1C Shivaji Maharaj T21:30Right TimeYet to start
2Dadar21:4021:45Right Time8 km
3Kalyan Jn22:3222:35Right Time53 km
4Kasara23:4323:45Right Time120 km
5Igatpuri00:1500:20Right Time136 km
6Devlali00:5501:00Right Time181 km
7Nasik Road01:1001:15Right Time187 km
8Manmad Jn02:1002:13Right Time260 km
9Chalisgaon Jn02:5803:00Right Time327 km
10Jalgaon Jn03:5804:00Right Time419 km
11Bhusaval Jn04:3004:40Right Time444 km
12Burhanpur05:2305:25Right Time498 km
13Nepanagar05:4305:45Right Time525 km
14Khandwa06:5006:55Right Time567 km
15Harda08:0308:05Right Time675 km
16Itarsi Jn09:3009:40Right Time750 km
17Pipariya10:3110:33Right Time818 km
18Gadarwara11:0511:07Right Time867 km
19Kareli11:2811:30Right Time896 km
20Narsinghpur11:4511:47Right Time912 km
21Shridham12:1212:14Right Time942 km
22Jabalpur13:1013:20Right Time996 km
23Katni14:3014:35Right Time1086 km
24Maihar15:1815:20Right Time1149 km
25Satna16:1016:20Right Time1185 km
26Manikpur Jn18:0718:12Right Time1262 km
27Shankargarh18:5118:53Right Time1317 km
28Allahabd Chheoki19:4519:50Right Time1360 km
29Vindhyachal20:5620:58Right Time1429 km
30Mirzapur21:1021:15Right Time1436 km
31Chunar Jn21:5621:58Right Time1467 km
32Mughal Sarai Jn23:1523:35Right Time1500 km
33Bhabua Road00:1100:12Right Time1554 km
34Sasaram00:4400:45Right Time1601 km
35Dehri On Son01:0101:03Right Time1619 km
36Anugrah Narayan Road01:1601:17Right Time1635 km
37Gaya Jn02:2002:25Right Time1704 km
38Koderma03:4803:50Right Time1780 km
39Hazaribagh Road04:2304:25Right Time1829 km
40Parasnath04:4804:53Right Time1856 km
41Gomoh Jn05:2005:30Right Time1874 km
42Dhanbad Jn06:4506:55Right Time1903 km
43Barakar07:3507:37Right Time1944 km
44Asansol Jn08:1508:30Right Time1962 km
45Raniganj08:4508:47Right Time1980 km
46Durgapur09:1009:14Right Time2005 km
47Panagarh09:2409:26Right Time2020 km
48Barddhaman10:1210:17Right Time2068 km
49Howrah Jn11:45Right Time2162 km