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12710 SIMHAPURI EXP Running status

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Secunderabad Jn-SC
EExpected22:55 19 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Secunderabad Jn22:55Right TimeYet to start
Kazipet Jn00:4900:50Right Time139 km
Warangal01:1401:15Right Time159 km
Mahbubabad01:4801:49Right Time220 km
Khammam02:3102:32Right Time267 km
Madhira03:1603:17Right Time311 km
Vijayawada Jn04:1504:30Right Time360 km
Tenali Jn05:0405:05Right Time392 km
Bapatla05:3405:35Right Time434 km
Chirala05:5405:55Right Time449 km
Ongole06:3906:40Right Time499 km
Singarayakonda07:0407:05Right Time527 km
Kavali07:2907:30Right Time564 km
Bitragunta07:3907:40Right Time581 km
Nellore08:1408:15Right Time615 km
Vedayapalem08:1908:20Right Time622 km
Gudur Jn09:15Right Time653 km