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12987 SDAH AJMER EXP Running status

Departure22:55 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated18 Oct 2018 2:15
1Sealdah22:55Right TimeYet to start
2Barddhaman00:2200:24Right Time104 km
3Durgapur01:1301:15Right Time167 km
4Raniganj01:3401:36Right Time192 km
5Asansol Jn01:5501:58Right Time210 km
6Dhanbad Jn03:0703:14Right Time269 km
7Parasnath03:4803:50Right Time316 km
8Koderma04:4204:45Right Time392 km
9Gaya Jn06:1506:20Right Time468 km
10Dehri On Son07:1707:19Right Time553 km
11Sasaram07:3107:33Right Time571 km
12Bhabua Road08:0308:05Right Time618 km
13DDU09:3009:45Right Time672 km
14Allahabad Jn12:0012:05Right Time821 km
15Kanpur Central14:3014:40Right Time1015 km
16Tundla Jn17:5017:55Right Time1246 km
17Agra Fort18:3519:00Right Time1269 km
18Achhnera Jn19:4219:44Right Time1295 km
19Bharatpur Jn20:0820:10Right Time1322 km
20Jaipur23:5500:05Right Time1509 km
21Kishangarh01:5501:57Right Time1615 km
22Ajmer Jn02:45Right Time1644 km