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15209 JANSEWA EXP Running status

Departure08:45 Right Time
Departed from Begu Sarai at 11:18, 94 kms. ahead of Saharsa Jn
Running Late 22 mins
Train is cancelled between Jalandhar City and Amritsar Jn
Updated21 Oct 2018 11:19
1Saharsa Jn08:45Right TimeDeparted
2S Bhakhtiyarpur09:1209:14Late 13mDeparted
3Koparia09:2009:22Late 11mDeparted
4Mansi Jn10:0810:10Late 3mDeparted
5Khagaria Jn.10:2510:27Late 8mDeparted
6Lakhminia10:5010:52Late 16mDeparted
7Begu Sarai11:1111:18Late 27mDeparted 5 min ago updated
8Barauni Jn11:4011:50Late 15m15 km away
9Bachwara Jn12:0912:11Late 15m32 km away
10Vidyapatidham12:2112:23Late 15m42 km away
11Mohiuddinnagar12:3212:34Late 15m52 km away
12Shahpur Patoree12:4412:46Late 15m65 km away
13Mehnar Road12:5612:58Late 15m73 km away
14Desari13:1513:17Late 9m83 km away
15Akshaywat Rai Nagar13:3213:34Late 9m92 km away
16Hajipur Jn14:1014:15Late 5m103 km away
17Sonpur Jn14:2814:30Late 5m109 km away
18Dighwara14:4914:51Late 5m132 km away
19Chhapra15:5016:00Right Time162 km away
20Ekma16:2116:23Right Time190 km away
21Duraundha Jn16:3916:41Right Time205 km away
22Siwan Jn17:0017:05Right Time223 km away
23Mairwa17:2217:24Right Time244 km away
24Bhatni Jn18:0018:05Right Time272 km away
25Deoria Sadar18:3018:35Right Time293 km away
26Gorakhpur20:0020:20Right Time342 km away
27Basti21:1921:22Right Time406 km away
28Gonda Jn22:5023:00Right Time496 km away
29Burhwal Jn23:5500:00Right Time557 km away
30Sitapur Cant02:0502:15Right Time655 km away
31Maikalganj03:0103:03Right Time697 km away
32Bareilly05:1805:23Right Time816 km away
33Rampur06:2006:22Right Time880 km away
34Moradabad07:0207:10Right Time907 km away
35Najibabad Jn08:4208:44Right Time1005 km away
36Laksar Jn09:2009:22Right Time1047 km away
37Saharanpur10:3010:35Right Time1100 km away
38Yamunanagar Jagadhri11:0111:03Right Time1130 km away
39Ambala Cant Jn11:5512:05Right Time1181 km away
40Rajpura Jn12:2912:31Right Time1209 km away
41Sirhind Jn12:5312:55Right Time1234 km away
42Dhandari Kalan13:4013:42Right Time1287 km away
43Ludhiana Jn13:5714:07Right Time1294 km away
44Phillaur Jn14:2314:25Right Time1308 km away
45Phagwara Jn14:4314:45Right Time1330 km away
46Jalandhar City15:2015:251351 km away
48Amritsar Jn17:00Cancelled