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15210 JANSEWA EXP Running status

14:10, Late 13m
14:12, Late 13m
Departed from Moradabad at 17:10, 140 kms. ahead of Laksar Jn
Running Late 42 mins
Train is cancelled between Amritsar Jn and Jalandhar City
Updated18 Oct 2018 19:00
1Amritsar Jn06:35
3Jalandhar City07:4207:47Late 3m
4Phagwara Jn08:1908:21Late 15mDeparted
5Phillaur Jn08:4108:43Late 16mDeparted
6Ludhiana Jn09:0509:30Late 5mDeparted
7Dhandari Kalan09:4109:43Late 5m
8Sirhind Jn10:3810:40Late 12mDeparted
9Rajpura Jn11:0411:06Late 19mDeparted
10Ambala Cant Jn11:4011:50Late 15mDeparted
11Yamunanagar Jagadhri12:2812:30Late 16mDeparted
12Saharanpur13:0013:05Right TimeDeparted
13Laksar Jn14:1014:12Late 13mDeparted
14Najibabad Jn14:5214:54Late 12mDeparted
15Moradabad16:4017:10Late 42mDeparted 12 min ago updated
16Rampur18:0218:03Late 1h 5m27 km away
17Bareilly19:1219:13Late 1h 10m91 km away
18Maikalganj20:5420:56Late 53m210 km away
19Sitapur Cant22:0322:13Late 48m252 km away
20Burhwal Jn23:2823:33Late 38m350 km away
21Gonda Jn00:3400:44Late 14m411 km away
22Basti01:4601:51Late 1m500 km away
23Gorakhpur03:3503:45Right Time565 km away
24Deoria Sadar04:2604:31Right Time614 km away
25Bhatni Jn04:5505:00Right Time635 km away
26Mairwa05:1905:21Right Time663 km away
27Siwan Jn05:4105:46Right Time684 km away
28Duraundha Jn06:0606:08Right Time702 km away
29Ekma06:2306:25Right Time717 km away
30Chhapra07:2507:40Right Time745 km away
31Dighwara08:1108:13Right Time775 km away
32Sonpur Jn08:4008:45Right Time798 km away
33Hajipur Jn08:5509:00Right Time804 km away
34Akshaywat Rai Nagar09:1209:14Right Time814 km away
35Desari09:2509:27Right Time824 km away
36Mehnar Road09:3609:38Right Time834 km away
37Shahpur Patoree09:5009:52Right Time842 km away
38Mohiuddinnagar10:0010:02Right Time855 km away
39Vidyapatidham10:1110:13Right Time865 km away
40Bachwara Jn10:2810:30Right Time875 km away
41Barauni Jn11:1011:20Right Time892 km away
42Begu Sarai11:3611:38Right Time907 km away
43Lakhminia11:5211:54Right Time925 km away
44Khagaria Jn.12:3612:41Right Time947 km away
45Mansi Jn12:5112:56Right Time956 km away
46Koparia14:2614:28Right Time978 km away
47S Bhakhtiyarpur14:3614:38Right Time984 km away
48Saharsa Jn16:15Right Time1001 km away