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15603 INTER CITY EXP Running status

Departure20:40 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated18 Jan 2019 2:15
1Guwahati20:40Right TimeYet to start
2Narangi20:5320:55Right Time9 km
3Jagi Road21:4321:45Right Time57 km
4Chaparmukh Jn22:1422:16Right Time91 km
5Kampur22:3322:35Right Time108 km
6Hojai22:5823:00Right Time136 km
7Lanka23:1423:16Right Time151 km
8Lumding Jn00:1500:25Right Time181 km
9Diphu01:0601:08Right Time213 km
10Dimapur01:5002:00Right Time250 km
11Bokajan02:2902:31Right Time264 km
12Sarupathar02:5202:54Right Time286 km
13Barpathar03:0603:08Right Time296 km
14Furkating Jn03:5504:05Right Time320 km
15Kamarbandha Ali04:1604:18Right Time329 km
16Titabar04:3404:36Right Time346 km
17Mariani Jn04:5505:05Right Time358 km
18Nakachari05:1905:21Right Time369 km
19Amguri05:3805:40Right Time386 km
20Namtiali05:5105:53Right Time398 km
21Simaluguri Jn06:0806:10Right Time412 km
22Lakwa06:2306:25Right Time426 km
23Safrai06:3606:38Right Time436 km
24Bhojo06:5006:52Right Time446 km
25Sapekhati07:1007:12Right Time460 km
26Borhat07:2907:31Right Time473 km
27Namrup07:3907:41Right Time478 km
28Naharkatiya07:5207:54Right Time490 km
29Duliajan08:0408:06Right Time499 km
30New Tinsukia08:5009:00Right Time515 km
31Tinsukia Jn09:0609:11Right Time517 km
32Makum Jn09:2309:25Right Time526 km
33Digboi09:5810:00Right Time551 km
34Margherita10:2010:22Right Time564 km
35Ledo10:45Right Time572 km