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16343 AMRITHA EXPRESS Running status

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Thiruvananthapuram Central-TVC
EExpected22:30 21 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Thiruvananthapuram Central22:30Right TimeYet to start
2Varkala23:0423:05Right Time41 km
3Kollam Jn23:3023:35Right Time64 km
4Karunagapalli23:5823:59Right Time91 km
5Kayankulam00:1900:20Right Time105 km
6Mavelikara00:3000:31Right Time113 km
7Chengannur00:4100:43Right Time125 km
8Tiruvalla00:5300:54Right Time134 km
9Changanaseri01:0401:05Right Time142 km
10Kottayam01:2501:28Right Time160 km
11Ernakulam Town02:5503:00Right Time223 km
12Idapalli03:1103:12Right Time229 km
13Aluva (Alwaye)03:2803:30Right Time240 km
14Thrisur04:1704:20Right Time294 km
15Shoranur Jn05:3005:40Right Time327 km
16Ottappalam05:5806:00Right Time336 km
17Palakkad07:1507:30Right Time367 km
18Palghat Town07:4507:50Right Time371 km
19Pollachi Jn09:0509:10Right Time425 km
20Palani10:2810:30Right Time488 km
21Dindigul Jn11:4311:45Right Time546 km
22Madurai Jn13:10Right Time612 km