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17243 BZA RGDA EXP Running status

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Vijayawada Jn-BZA
EExpected23:30 24 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Vijayawada Jn23:30Right TimeYet to start
2Nuzvid00:0500:06Right Time40 km
3Eluru00:2000:22Right Time59 km
4Bhimadolu00:4000:42Right Time78 km
5Tadepalligudem01:1501:17Right Time107 km
6Nidadavolu Jn01:4301:45Right Time127 km
7Kovvur02:0502:07Right Time141 km
8Rajamundry02:2502:30Right Time149 km
9Dwarapudi02:5002:52Right Time169 km
10Anaparti02:5702:58Right Time173 km
11Samalkot Jn03:1003:12Right Time199 km
12Pithapuram03:2203:24Right Time211 km
13Annavaram03:4503:47Right Time236 km
14Tuni04:0504:07Right Time253 km
15Narsipatnam Road04:2504:27Right Time275 km
16Ellamanchiii04:5204:54Right Time293 km
17Anakapalle06:5807:00Right Time316 km
18Duvvada07:2307:25Right Time332 km
19Marripalem Ph07:4407:45Right Time345 km
20Visakhapatnam08:0509:10Right Time350 km
21Simhachalam09:3009:32Right Time358 km
22Simhachalam North09:3609:37Right Time359 km
23Pendurti09:4509:47Right Time367 km
24Kottavalasa09:5509:57Right Time376 km
25Kantakapalle10:0610:08Right Time384 km
26Alamanda10:1610:18Right Time393 km
27Korukonda10:2510:27Right Time400 km
28Vizianagram Jn10:4510:50Right Time411 km
29Garudabilli11:0411:06Right Time422 km
30Gajapatinagararm11:1511:17Right Time433 km
31Komatipalli11:2611:28Right Time442 km
32Donkinavalasa11:3711:39Right Time452 km
33Bobbili Jn11:5511:57Right Time464 km
34Sitanagarm12:0812:10Right Time475 km
35Narsipuram Halt12:1812:19Right Time484 km
36Parvatipuram12:3012:32Right Time488 km
37Parvatipuram Town12:3512:37Right Time490 km
38Gumada12:5012:52Right Time502 km
39Kuneru13:0113:03Right Time511 km
40Jimidipeta13:1113:13Right Time520 km
41Rayagada14:25Right Time535 km