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51285 BSL NGP PASS Running status

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Bhusaval Jn-BSL
EExpected19:30 20 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Bhusaval Jn19:30Right TimeYet to start
2Varangaon19:5319:54Right Time11 km
3Achegaon20:0120:02Right Time18 km
4Bodwad20:1420:15Right Time30 km
5Kolhadi20:2120:22Right Time35 km
6Khamkhed20:2720:28Right Time40 km
7Malkapur20:3820:39Right Time49 km
8Wadoda20:4620:47Right Time58 km
9Biswa Bridge20:5420:55Right Time63 km
10Khumgaon Burti21:0121:02Right Time70 km
11Nandura21:1121:12Right Time77 km
12Jalamb Jn21:2321:24Right Time90 km
13Shegaon21:3521:36Right Time102 km
14Shri Kshetra Nagjhari21:4321:44Right Time110 km
15Paras21:5121:52Right Time119 km
16Gaigaon21:5922:00Right Time127 km
17Akola Jn22:1222:17Right Time139 km
18Yeulkhed22:2522:26Right Time146 km
19Borgaon22:3322:34Right Time157 km
20Katepurna22:4122:42Right Time166 km
21Murtajapur22:5122:56Right Time177 km
22Mana23:0723:08Right Time189 km
23Mandura23:1423:15Right Time197 km
24Kuram23:2023:21Right Time202 km
25Takli23:2723:28Right Time209 km
26Badnera Jn01:1501:30Right Time218 km
27Timtala01:5702:00Right Time227 km
28Malkhed03:3403:35Right Time234 km
29Chandur03:5004:20Right Time247 km
30Dhamangaon04:3804:40Right Time264 km
31Talni04:5004:52Right Time274 km
32Pulgaon Jn05:0105:03Right Time284 km
33Kaotha05:1005:12Right Time290 km
34Dahegaon05:2105:23Right Time299 km
35Wardha Jn05:4006:16Right Time313 km
36Sevagram06:2406:25Right Time316 km
37Varud06:3006:31Right Time320 km
38Seloo Road06:3906:40Right Time328 km
39Tuljapur06:5006:51Right Time337 km
40Sindi07:0107:02Right Time346 km
41Borkhedi07:1107:12Right Time357 km
42Buti Bori07:2407:25Right Time365 km
43Gumgaon07:3407:35Right Time373 km
44Khapri07:4407:45Right Time380 km
45Ajni07:5908:00Right Time389 km
46Nagpur08:45Right Time392 km