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51409 PUNE KOP PASS Running status

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Pune Jn-PUNE
EExpected09:15 22 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Pune Jn09:15Right TimeYet to start
2Ghorpuri09:2209:23Right Time2 km
3Sasvad Road09:3409:35Right Time11 km
4Phursungi09:3909:40Right Time16 km
5Alandi09:4909:50Right Time23 km
6Shindawane09:5910:00Right Time31 km
7Ambale10:1410:15Right Time41 km
8Rajevadi10:1910:20Right Time45 km
9Jejuri10:3410:35Right Time58 km
10Daundaj10:4410:45Right Time65 km
11Valha10:5410:55Right Time74 km
12Nira11:1211:15Right Time84 km
13Lonand11:2411:25Right Time92 km
14Salpa11:3911:40Right Time101 km
15Adarki11:4911:50Right Time109 km
16Wathar12:1912:20Right Time119 km
17Palsi12:3412:35Right Time128 km
18Jarandeshwar12:5913:00Right Time137 km
19Satara14:0014:25Right Time145 km
20Koregaon14:3714:38Right Time156 km
21Rahimatpur14:5214:53Right Time166 km
22Targaon15:0415:05Right Time177 km
23Masur15:1915:20Right Time189 km
24Shiravde15:2515:26Right Time195 km
25Karad15:5415:55Right Time203 km
26Shenoli16:0416:05Right Time216 km
27Bhavani Nagar16:1916:20Right Time224 km
28Takari16:2916:30Right Time230 km
29Kirloskarvadi16:4916:50Right Time238 km
30Amnapur16:5716:58Right Time245 km
31Bhilavadi17:0417:05Right Time252 km
32Nandre17:1417:15Right Time259 km
33Madhavnagar17:1917:20Right Time268 km
34Sangli17:4217:45Right Time271 km
35Vishrambag17:4917:50Right Time273 km
36Miraj Jn18:0518:10Right Time279 km
37Jayasingpur18:2418:25Right Time290 km
38Nimshirgaon Tamdalge18:3418:35Right Time299 km
39Hatkanagale18:4318:45Right Time305 km
40Rukadi18:5418:55Right Time312 km
41Valivade19:0419:05Right Time319 km
42C Sahumaharaj T Kolhapur19:30Right Time326 km